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Lowell National Historical Park

Lowell National Historical Park

A footpath along the Merrimack Canal from the visitor center is lined with plaques describing the importance of various existing and former sites along the canal. The biggest conflict they had with this fee increases what that they wanted to keep these prices low for those people who live in areas of poverty. We followed that up with a canal tour and the chance to see inside the gate house.

All was expectancy. Changes were coming…nobody could guess what. – Lucy Larcom

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During regular season you have the option for a self-guided tour of several former milinary mills and workers living arrangements. You can easily picture yourself in the midst of a town which once hosted as many as 10 weaving mills. They still have one fully functioning weaving floor and Lowell National Historical Park museums. Another popular option is taking the canal boat tour. The mills were powered by the flow of river water through a carefully designed web of canals.

We followed that up with a canal tour and the chance to see inside the gate house. Lowell National Historical Park at Lowell National Historic Park that we interacted with was extremely friendly and we had a great day at the park in our back yard. This urban museum about the rise and fall of the textile industry, initial phase of the American Industrial Revolution, is very interesting. There are various sites and experiences spread around the old, but rejuvenated, city of Lowell.

It merits a whole day, unfortunately I allotted much less time than that, and I had a flight to catch.

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In , Lowell had 88 permanent employees within the park. Current challenges[ edit ] There is a common theme in the challenges that Lowell has passed in the past decade, and this is lack of funding from the government. Additionally, the park includes the Patrick J Mogan Cultural Center, which focuses on the lives of Lowell’s many generations of immigrants.