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Luangwa National Park

Luangwa National Park

Thanks to the outstanding array of habitat types, the plethora of bird species the Kafue houses stands at over recorded species, roughly as much as the whole of Europe. These mounds are the perfect stooping haunts for a number of bird species, notably Sooty Chat and in the wetter areas the Pink-throated Longclaw. When reaching the Busanga Plain be advised that there are no sign posts and it is exceptionally easy to get lost, as such seek local advice before travelling Mukambi Lodge have a camp on Busanga as do Wilderness Safaris. There are two main channels, each again divided into two.

Zambezi River

Famous Arch In Arches National Park

For first-timers: Combine with a lakeside vacation at Lake Kariba or an introductory safari at Zambezi National Park which, despite its diminutive size, offers a chance to see elephant, giraffe, buffalo, hippo, crocs and even lion within a stone’s throw of the legendary Victoria Falls.

The Samburu people frequently confused with their southern cousins, the Maasai offer a similarly colorful cultural appeal in what was once Kenya’s Northern Frontier District, but few villages see many visitors and the Samburu’s sense of hospitality remains legendary. For first-timers: The Masai Mara National Reserve — sometimes called “the greatest wildlife real estate on Earth” — is a must-see sight for any wildlife fan.

Rather than placing an emphasis on staying at a camp in the center of the unfenced park, it’s worth considering staying on a private concession which can offer experiences such as walking safaris and night drives featuring the same wildlife but with a level of exclusivity rarely found in the heart of the world-famous Mara. For old hands: The kilometer long Matthews Range is barely known, yet this jungle-clad “island in the sky” has been described as a “biological bonanza,” a place where you can walk in the presence of lions, buffalo and the world’s densest concentration of melanistic black panthers.

This is a land of pure adventure, however, and encountering herds of majestic gemsbok on the shimmering mirages of Deception Valley or camping amid the guttural roar of the local lion pride near Tau Pan meaning Lion Pan is sure to provoke a feeling of privilege.

There are no facilities in the reserve you need a tour operator with experience in leading 4×4 convoy to access this region. The logistical complications are invariably amply rewarded, however, by the adventure of a lifetime.

For first-timers: For an insight into the diversity of Africa, there’s nothing better than a two-stop safari combining the shimmering pans of the Kalahari with Okavango wetland wilderness. On offer is mountain biking, walking and even horseback riding through stunning landscapes of the mopane and fever tree forests, watching herds of up to elephants and enjoying what might be the best leopard sightings in the world.

Meanwhile giant Kafue National Park, which is twice its size, draws safari connoisseurs with its phenomenal lion and leopard sightings and incredible diversity of antelope species, many of which are rarely seen elsewhere.

With Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt exception of rhino, the Big Five are relatively common fixtures here. Lions and cheetah often seen hunting on the Busanga Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt and you have a chance to spot leopards and painted dogs from a boat on Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Lufupa River.

Zambia along with Zimbabwe is known for some of the best guides in the business and walking safaris and night drives are activities you can enjoy here that rarely feature in national parks in other areas. For first-timers: Even in Africa, good things sometimes come Luangwa National Park small packages. Visitors can even walk among white rhino. Etosha National Park is undoubtedly the star of the country’s wildlife line-up, but it can get busy during the dry season from July to September when the wildlife concentrates closer to the waterholes.

Affordable camps and well-maintained roads and tracks make this one of the best options for self-drive safaris, and floodlit waterholes like Okaukuejo in the southwest offer an unusual opportunity to watch lions, hyena and even black rhino at night. For first-timers: Skeleton Coast National Park is named after the many shipwrecks that form a lacework of…


Acadia National Park Bus Tour

Zambia along with Zimbabwe is known for some of the best guides in the business and walking safaris and night drives are activities you can enjoy here that rarely feature in national parks in other areas. Driving from the Hook Bridge Gate will take you approximately 5 to 6 hours, this is a bush road and only accessible when dry. The park also has prominent stands of less common but aesthetically appealing Teak forests and belts of Mopane woodland, particularly in the central and southern sections of the park. It continues to form the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe until it crosses the Mozambique border at Luangwa.