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Lychfield National Park

Lychfield National Park

You will need to camp along the way and you need to stay at designated campground. Swim and cool off in the blissful spring-fed waterfalls, take a guided walk in the tropical monsoon vine forests and experience nature in its finest form. The small corrugated iron shelter was built in and was used by the Sargent family when they needed to graze cattle on the land around here — normally 4 or 5 of the children at a time would use it there were 14 kids in the family! Details of some of the major attractions follow:.

Litchfield National Park

From here, wind your way into a scenic 15minute drive into Litchfield park for your ultimate Litchfield adventure! Swim and cool off in Lychfield National Park blissful spring-fed waterfalls, take a guided walk in the tropical monsoon vine forests and experience nature in its finest form.

Experience a lesson in ancient Indigenous bush food and medicine, passed down from ancestors for thousands of years. Be amazed by the incredible architectural works of termites at the Termite Mounds. Admire sandstone formations of the natural landscape and its abundant unique wildlife and birds, all protected in their own natural habitat. All while being led by an experienced and qualified local guide.

For those choosing the 1-day Litchfield experience option, you will Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt provided with a pleasant drive back to your accommodation in Darwin and arrive by PM.

For those who choose to stay for the full 2-Day packed Litchfield Experience — this is now the time for you to relax and settle in at the provided exquisite Litchfield Accommodation at a pre-organized extra cost. You can also choose to do a self-guided walk from Buley rock hole to Florence falls.

Or walk down the length stairway. LUNCH is at Tolmer falls where you have the chance to view it from the lookout or do the walk around the top area through an ancient cycad forest while your guide prepares a delicious meal. At Wangi Falls you have many options: Choose to walk to the top of the Lychfield National Park and watch the creek rush or trickle-down over sandstone cliffs. OR The exciting option of a helicopter trip is available on request for an extra cost organized in advance Or choose to Lychfield National Park off and take it easy in the freshwater plunge pool below.

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Or walk down the length stairway. The wide variety of remains are notable in that they reflect the complete range of activities associated with underground mining. Artefacts relating to ore extraction, processing and transport are present as well as domestic remains and remnants of the explosives magazine.