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Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park

Camping is impossible in harsh winters. Or Fly to Bangkok Thailand and connect to Kathmandu. Seven campsites have been designated in Khongma m, Dobato m, Yangle m, Neghe m, Langmale m, Shershong m for tourist. The region above 5, m 16, ft comprises mainly rock and ice with little vegetation.

Makalu Barun National Park

Point Lookout National Park

After 7 failed attempts on this route, it was finally completed Makalu Barun National Park May 21, by a Russian team. Seyra climbed up to m via the Southern ridge. Britain mountaineers reached 6 m in the direction to the North col. French mountaineers reached North-East summit of Makalu m.

Takanaka and I. Otsaki climbed South-East ridge of Makalu. Millet summited the top leader of the expedition – R. Czech expedition, leaded by Ivan Galfi. The climbers reached the top: M. KrissakK. Shubert and Spaniard J. The team was defeated by rockfall, Makalu Barun National Park and altitude sickness after establishing the highest camp of about 23, feet where the Makalu Barun National Park glacier meets the final vertical rock face. This expedition was the first to pack out all of its trash after the attempt.

Thanks to the team physician sierranvin for this information. They summited without the use of oxygen or Sherpa Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt via the West Pillar Route.

Swiss expedition of R. Nattarice tried to climb West ridge up to mthen they went to West face and climbed up to m toward the North buttress. Ruedi died during the descent. Loretan and D. Troillet climbed the West ridge. They left the base camp m on 1st of October, had a bivi in the Spain camp at the altitude of m and on October 2nd reached the summit.

A Britain expedition leaded by N. They reached m. A famous rockclimber Catherine Destivelle and E. Decamp and American mountaineer D. Low tried to ascend first via the North-West buttress then after the unsuccessful attempt went on the West face. Mountain team from Novokuznetsk city after their ascending Makalu via the classical route.

The last part of the route went on Parago ridge. For this ascent they were awarded the “Gold Makalu Barun National Park. This was the final Nepali meter peak to be climbed in the winter. Or Fly to Bangkok Thailand and connect to Kathmandu. Red Tape Peak permits are required. Late September and October are post monsoon season. Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area Makalu is situated in the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area which was established in as Nepal’s eighth national park and the first to include an adjacent inhabited conservation area as a buffer.

Covering 2, sq km, Makalu Barun National Park is a vital component of the greater Mount Everest ecosystem which includes Nepal’s 1, sq km Sagarmatha National Park to the west and the 35, sq km Qomolangma Nature Reserve in Occupied Tibet to the north. The incredibly steep topography and abundant monsoon rains to nm per year of the eastern Himalaya support unusually diverse bioclimatic zones and a rich store house of medicinal and useful plants. Alpine pastures above m contian the religiously important dwarf rhododendron and juniper, aromatic herbs and delicate wildflowers.

Sub-alpine forests of fir, birch, and rhododendron, and temperate stands of oak, maple and magnolia thrive between m. For the naturalist, Makalu-Barun area provides spectacular displays of wild flowers and exotic plants.

The forests shelter abundant wildlife, including the endangered red panda and muskdeer as well as the ghoral, Himalayan tahr and leopard. Ornithologists have identified bird species, at least 16 of which are extremely rare.

How To Reach Makalu Barun National Park

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The Makalu Barun national park has got high diversity of fauna. An innovative community-based conservation approach emphasized management of biodiversity together with local communities. No reliable records of climatic data represent the entire area- Great variations in temperature and precipitation can be expected due to extreme difference in altitude, slope and aspect within the area. Alpine pastures above m contian the religiously important dwarf rhododendron and juniper, aromatic herbs and delicate wildflowers.