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Mamouth Cave National Park

Mamouth Cave National Park

Front carriers are permitted. Cave trails and walkways may have electric lights or may be rugged, pitch-dark paths that require visitors to carry a lantern. The park may not publish the complete schedule or variety of tours until 3 months prior to tour date. Commercial outfitters outside the park rent canoes, kayaks and safety equipment.

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We did the cave tour, which is currently self guided only. It was a very nice tour through the cave, easy to walk through, nice paved walkways. It’s like the Griswalds going to Wally Mamouth Cave National Park We Mamouth Cave National Park so much money on gas and hotel, going there and find out there’s only one set of tickets for and space is limited.

Feel sorry for those senior citizens and handicapped. Hiking trails are the only thing open unless you know how to use the internet and research the park info. The parking lot was not full and this country is losing money. We were in and out the cave in 45 mins. The war memorial was probably the best feature in the cave. The exhibit was closed due to CV, no reason to close it if everyone had masks and practiced social distancing.

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Camera tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks are also prohibited. Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hill country of south central Kentucky. The park may not publish the complete schedule or variety of tours until a few months prior to tour date.