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Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park

The protected area extends from Lake Kariba, right through to Matusadona National Park and several other game reserves. Rooms feature an open mesh wall facing the Zambezi providing views over the Zambezi from an open-air shower, bed, and seating in the room. Mana Pools was chosen to be part of an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands on the 3rd January

Inside Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park • Your Ultimate Safari Guide

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The vegetation is still very green and thick after the rainy season and there is still a lot of surface water around. This means the animals are not as dependent on the Kanga waterhole Mana Pools National Park during the dry season. At this time of the year, Kanga is best combined with Zambezi Expeditions or the Nyamatusi Camps, based on the river to get the full Mana Pools experience.

Temperatures can be high during the day and a little cooler in the evenings and mornings on the early game drives, so a light fleece is advisable. Wild dogs often start to den on the concession, but getting close to the den site is not allowed as Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt may cause the stress which may cause them to move the site.

Temperatures start to drop at night and in the mornings, but can still be warm during the day. A light fleece is advisable.

The bush is still quite thick, but it is a great time for walking. It is advised to combine Kanga with Zambezi Expeditions so that guests are getting the complete Mana Pools experience. Days are still very warm, and with the bush beginning to thin out, spotting on game drives becomes slightly easier. Dry season setting in nicely.

The waterhole is starting to fill up with animals. Plan your Safari Competition for Mana Pools National Park begins to intensify and the famous Armchair Safari, at the Kanga Pan, really starts to become a highlight. Here you will spot several species visiting the pan, as it is the only water source for many kilometres around. Evenings are still cold and days are warm, so packing for varying temperatures is advisable.

It is advised to combine Kanga with Zambezi Expeditions to see the mighty Zambezi, and the wildlife teaming nearby, as it is the major water source. Combining the two will ensure you are getting the complete Mana Pools experience.

Wildlife travel for many kilometres to reach the Kanga Pan. Whilst experiencing our famous Armchair Safari, it is not uncommon to see large herds of elephant, lion, baboons, various herds of antelope, fish eagles and a huge variety of bird life, buffalos and leopards visiting the pan within the space of a few hours. Plan your Safari The rains begin to come in towards the latter half of the month, with brief spectacular afternoon thunderstorms, cooling temperatures nicely.

Before that the landscape is very dry and wildlife sightings on the armchair safari at Kanga Pan are unparalleled. Day time temperatures are still very hot, with warm evenings. Combining Zambezi Expeditions and Kanga Camp will provide a beautiful contrast in landscape, with the Zambezi River providing sufficient water for wildlife on its banks.

Mana Pools National Park

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Game drives are conducted in custom-designed safari vehicles equipped with cupholders and blankets for cool mornings. A fond memory of this is when Nick guided several guests through the Zambezi valley on a day expedition of walking and exploring the escarpment to the Zambezi River. This meant every meal was joined by fantastic views out to the Zambezi River.