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Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park

Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park

Sewage , detergents , heavy metal , hypersaline water, herbicides , and other waste products all negatively affect seagrass meadows. They were also presented as Fiji mermaids in sideshows. In some areas it remains an animal of great significance, and a growing ecotourism industry around dugongs has had economic benefit in some countries.

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Description[ edit ] Covering a vast area of km2 out of which km2 from the core area, thick biosphere reserve is a sanctuary and one of the tiger projects and national parks of India. With a wide range of rainfall and edaphic variations, from dry deciduous to moist green forests, it is suitable to many species of flora and fauna. About 42 species of mammals, 29 types of reptiles and species of birds are in this plateau. The average mean elevation of Similipal is meters.

There are tall sal trees in large numbers. The peaks of Khairiburu metersMeghasani meters and others welcome. Sweet scented champak flowers freshen the air.

The richly hued orchids on the green foliage Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt soothing.

In the midst of the dense forests, the summer stands humbled. Several rivers like Budhabalanga, Khairi, salandi, Palpala, etc. Many of them have cascading rapids and foaming falls before leaving for the plains.

The panoramic views of the waterfalls at Barehipani meters and Joranda meters [6] are enchanting. The silence of Similipal is occasionally broken by the chirping of the birds. History[ edit ] Simlipal elephant reserve originated mainly as a hunting ground for the royalty. It was formally designated a tiger reserve in and under Project Tiger in May The Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park of Odisha declared Simlipal as a wildlife sanctuary in with an area of 2, square kilometres sq mi.

Later inthe state government proposed square kilometres sq mi of the sanctuary as a national park. Further inarea of the national park was increased to Government of India declared Simlipal as a Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt reserve in That is why Simlipal is yet to be declared a full-fledged park, despite its having the status of one of the 18 biospheres of India.

The village of Jamunagarh was relocated in September Following the relocation, tiger sightings in the core area has gone up. There are two villages, Kabatghai and Bakua, still present in Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park core area of Similipal. The Forest Department, wildlife NGOs and local administration have initiated talks with these villages on their relocation.

However the tribals alleged these relocations to be forced and wished to claim their rights under the Forest Rights Act. The park has an area of 2, square kilometres 1, sq mi. The average elevation is The rainfall ranges from moderate to heavy. In cerebral malaria the sequestrated red blood cells can breach the blood brain barrier possibly leading to coma. Initial symptoms of cerebral malaria are often mistaken as those of acute jaundice.

There have been many recorded cases of death due to cerebral malaria after visits to Simlipal. Inlarge fires broke out in the Simlipal National Park, and continued to burn for over two weeks before they were brought under control. The forest boasts of innumerable medicinal and aromatic plants, which provide a source of earnings for the tribal people. Eucalyptusplanted by the British during the s, are found. Red junglefowlhill mynahpeafowlAlexandrine parakeetcrested serpent eagle are the commonly found birds.

The grey hornbillIndian pied hornbillMalabar pied hornbill and Indian trogon are also found in the reserve. The “Mugger Crocodile Management Programme” has helped the Mugger crocodile Crocodylus palustris to survive and flourish on the banks of Khairi river.

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Thereafter, since , an extensive underway survey was conducted to come out with a coral health index. The village of Jamunagarh was relocated in September The peaks of Khairiburu meters , Meghasani meters and others welcome. Drinking water, vendors and catering are available.