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Marojejy National Park

Marojejy National Park

The Marojejy massif mountain are extremely rich and diverse of the fauna and flora. The local people have traditionally utilized material from the forest, whether for use in their architecture , to make pirogues dugout canoes , to provide fiber for weaving, to provide firewood, to gather leaves for traditional medicine , or to flavor their drinks. We recommend allotting at least 4—5 days for this rugged and difficult trek.

Marojejy National Park 4 days

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Marojejy National Park areas is 55 ha with mountain and wild nature. Marojejy National Park: Observation of the Silky sifaka, Mountains and Mid-Altitude rainforest also landscapes, birds species including hook billed vanga, white headed vanga, Helmet Vanga and red breasted coua, waterfalls.

Breakfast and departure to Marojejy National Park 5H drive. Picnic lunch is on the way. Marojejy National Park and installation to the camp. The Marojejy massif mountain are extremely Marojejy National Park and diverse of the fauna and flora. The park is also home to12 species of lemurs; this is the best place in Madagascar to see the silky sifaka, including the five rarest primates in the world, which is endemic in the region.

There are over bird species, species of reptiles and amphibians, 30 species of palm trees and over species of ferns and where the place to find also the takhtajaniaprierii a tree in the winteraceae family, which is believed to exist on earth about million years ago. Manantenina village, this is where we start to hike until to Camp Mantella. We discover the primary rain forests. We will have the opportunity to may see several species of reptiles and amphibians, and birds species including hook billed, white headed, Helmet Vanga and red breasted coua,… Arrival at Camp Mantella m altitude installation to the camp and lunch.

In the afternoon we discover the surroundings of Camp Mantella, visiting the Humbert waterfalls. Dinner and night at Camp Mantella. Road sambava to Marojejy.


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