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Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park

Several other sites have spectacular locations, [19] such as the fort which overlooks the confluence of the Nyangombe and Nyaumziwa rivers and a small fort on top of a hill just west of Mount Nyangani. The larger Nyangombe camping ground, on the main highway from Mutare to Nyanga town was closed in the late s. Meanwhile, others come to stalk ungulates in the Hove Wild Area — the dedicated game park here; a land of sable antelope and wildebeest, baboon packs and leopards. It is advised to combine Kanga with Zambezi Expeditions to see the mighty Zambezi, and the wildlife teaming nearby, as it is the major water source.

Nyanga National Park

Cedar Hill National Park

Bulawayo belies a sort of New Orleans vibe. The town is indelibly green and flowery, with bougainvillea cascading over the rooftops and palms peppering the roundabouts. Between it all you can see elegant governmental buildings, go shopping for trinkets, or plan your next safari out to the south-western parks. Meanwhile, others come to stalk ungulates in the Hove Wild Area — the dedicated game park here; a land of sable antelope and wildebeest, baboon packs and leopards.

Dressed in groves of msasa trees and cypresses that are Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt to these regions, the habitats here can host a truly otherworldly array of creatures. Many are endemic, like the Old World Samango monkeys, with their white-brushed throats that can only be found in these parts.

Inside its boundaries is a mosaic of Kalahari woods and teak groves, grass plains and flood flats, all of which are peppered with bulbous termite mounds and the occasional pan — a watering hole that makes this one a perfect destination for lion stalkers. Mutare Source: flickr Mutare The gateway to the farthest eastern fringes of Zimbabwe and the Nyanga National Park besides, Mutare makes its home between the steep-side valleys of Manicaland.

All around you can see the serrated tops of the Bvumba Mountains that enfold the town, making this one something of an enclave of civilization in the deep southern African wilds. Today, Matusadona National Park place has developed a nice clutch of backpacker guesthouses and cheap hostels, giving it the rep of a fine stopover on route to hike the hills or stalk the curious Samango monkey atop the rugged Eastern Highlands. Masvingo Source: flickr Masvingo Welcoming travelers to the deeper reaches of Zimbabwe, Masvingo is one of the prime drop off points for VIP buses heading through to the southern edge of the country.

And what a welcome it is! Sat neatly on the edge of the Mutirikwi National Park, the place has plenty in the way of outdoors exploration up its sleeve. Small and compact, it completely ensconces the reservoir of erstwhile Lake Kyle, which flooded the valleys here after the construction of a dam in Chinhoyi Source: flickr Chinhoyi A small crossroads town on the main way west from Harare to Lusaka Matusadona National Park the border in Zambia, sleepy Chinhoyi is a kind of picture of rural Zimbabwe.

It sits nestled between the rising ridges of the Mashonaland West Province, and comes with a sleepy vibe and a set of essential services — a bank, Matusadona National Park and the like. However, Chinhoyi is famed mainly for one thing and one thing only: its caves. Known simply as the Chinhoyi caves, these carve their way into the cliffs just west of the center. They occupy their very own national park, and divers come from far and wide to try ultra-technical deep descents into the cool subterranean waters that hide in the gaping caverns.

Mana Pools National Park Source: flickr Mana Pools National Park The Mana Pools National Park is fed by the lifeblood of the Zambezi River, which spills over onto the plains and grasses here when the rains fall to create a patchwork of watering holes and pans during the wet season.

The main upshot is that animals gather at the sites to drink, making Mana Pools a game viewing destination of the top order. After becoming subsumed by Zimbabwe following the upheavals, the area retained its protected status. Gonarezhou National Park Source: zimbabwetourism Gonarezhou National Park You could be forgiven for thinking that you were strolling through Colorado or Arizona as…


Selva El Tuito National Park

Geography and geology[ edit ] Dolerites of the Nyangani sill, overlying Archaean granite. Before that the landscape is very dry and wildlife sightings on the armchair safari at Kanga Pan are unparalleled. The main hiking route, the “Tourist Path”, goes from the building on the far right and ascends to the left of the summit plateau on the skyline. The vegetation is still very green and thick after the rainy season and there is still a lot of surface water around.