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Lake Mcarthur Yoho National Park

Lake Mcarthur Yoho National Park

At the lake you have the option of going back the same way you came up but we elected to hike the Big Larches and then past Mary Lake to return to the shelter. In early July, the limit is 4 tightly-spaced groups per day. Riley had to climb up to summits carrying heavy equipment so McArthur could take photographs and make measurements for his survey. West Opabin Trail and East Opabin Trail climb to the head of the valley from both sides of the cliff.

Yoho National Park

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Length : 2. Continue along a steep hillside and across several gullies above the lake. At the eastern end of the lake, the trail passes the Lake Oesa Trail junction before passing below a huge outcropping of pink quartzite and Seven Veils Falls. Lake Oesa trail Length : 3. Above the cliff, cross wide talus and scree slopes swept clear by avalanches every year. After passing through a stunted forest, climb over several steep, rocky outcrops on stone steps built by Lawrence Grassi.

The Lake Oesa Trail continues from this junction through delicate meadows enclosed by copper-coloured quartzite cliffs and at Lake Mcarthur Yoho National Park points along the way, tiny pools of Oesa Creek are visible below to the right.

Finally, after climbing to the top of a short grassy slope, the trail passes through a trough cut in solid bedrock to the tilted rock slabs which contain Lake Oesa. Opabin Plateau Circuit Length : 5. West Opabin Trail and East Opabin Trail climb to the head of the valley from both sides of the cliff.

By starting up either of these arms of the circuit and returning via the other, a tour of the valley can be made. The trails climbs quickly to Mary Lake, follows the shore and then climbs steeply up an open talus slope for approximately vertical metres until it mounts a grassy cleft onto the rolling terrain of Opabin Plateau. Another small path travels east back out to the head of the cliff, a point called Opabin Prospect. It crosses a bridge over the creek and travels upstream, passing southwest of Hungabee Lake.

A glacier about metres long lies at the foot of Opabin Pass – the narrow gap in the peaks at the end of the lake. Hikers are warned to stay off the glacier because of dangerous crevasses. The return arm of the circuit begins on the east shore of Opabin Lake. Continue through grassy meadows back to the brink of the valley and a 0. Past the junction, the circuit then enters an alpine meadow where the Elizabeth Parker Hut and the junction of the Linda Lake Circuit are located.

The Lake McArthur circuit travels southwest, climbing through larch forests for metres Lake Mcarthur Yoho National Park encountering a junction with the south end of the Big Larch Trail. A short distance beyond the junction, the Lake McArthur circuit reaches the summit of McArthur Pass where the trail forks.

The circuit continues its return by traveling northeast beyond the junction, descends steeply to the Devil’s Rockpile and then levels off in the alpine meadow and the trail back to Le Relais. From the Elizabeth Parker Hut, the trail passes through the meadow and enters the forest.

It maintains its level through the forest and after 1. The trail travels a short distance to a junction with a cut-off trail leading north past Lower Morning Glory Lake and a short return to the campground. The Linda Lake Beeline continues northwest and climbs steeply for the next metres.

Linda Lake is at the top of the slope. To complete the round trip, continue around the west end of the lake, where the Duchesnay Basin Trail heads west. The circuit continues along the shoreline of Linda Lake to a junction with the Linda Lake Trail, the first leg of the return portion of the circuit. Descend gradual switchbacks to a junction with the Lower Morning Glory Trail or continue on the trail, which ends at the Lake O’Hara campground.

Duchesnay Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt trail Length : 3. The northeast…

Getting There

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From the lake you can retrace your steps or continue on the McArthur Low Level trail which is what I chose to do. In the end, we had to pull out our GPS unit to figure it out. High Level Circuit About meters from the Schaffer Lake we came across what turned out to be the least helpful sign we encountered over our four days of hiking.