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Mcinnis Canyon National Park

Mcinnis Canyon National Park

Stay within the campground is limited to seven days and there are hiking opportunities for campers. Permits are available at recreation. The roads that lead to the campground are not maintained in winter, so they can be rough at times.

McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area

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The McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area is home to a stretch of the Colorado River, great camping and hiking, geological and paleontological sites, and impressive stone arches. This alone makes it a bucket-list destination in Colorado.

It was named after Congressman Scott McInnis in The Details This conservation area spansacres. Cutting through the land is 24 miles of the Colorado River, as well as 75, acres of the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness. The western boundary for this area is Utah. Getting There: The terrain here spans dry and high desert land to dramatic canyons. You can explore the land on foot, bike, motorcycle, ATV, or horseback ride. There are some roads specifically for cars, such as Rabbit Valley.

Look for special areas designated for different kinds of activities. There are also multiple campgrounds and scattered campsites in the area.

Make sure you reserve a spot well in advance if you want to stay Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt night. Hiking Hiking is popular here, and Mcinnis Canyon National Park are many different trails to explore. Paleontology trails are a big draw to this area; how often can you incorporate a living history museum with your mountain hike? This short 1. Along this path, you can see the fossils of dinosaurs discovered at a working quarry.

Due to the short length and educational aspect, this path is a draw for families. For a less structured but equally as impressive hike, the McDonald Creek Canyon hike brings you along a stream for 3.

Here, keep your eyes open for rock art made by ancient people. Tip: Pack binoculars. They can be useful and will remove the temptation you might feel to step off the trail which is not advised, to protect the natural habitat. While it’s a bit long, the elevation gain is minimal, just feet. The also aptly named Dinosaur Hill Trail is a fit for people who want to combine dinosaur fossils with quick exercise and great views. This hike is rated for all levels, though the Bureau of Land Management calls it “mildly strenuous,” with an elevation gain of less than feet.

The Kokopelli Trail: This mile trail is big among mountain bikers. It goes all the way to Moab, Utah. Wildlife viewing: Expect to see livestock here. Kayaking: Go canoeing or kayaking Mcinnis Canyon National Park the Colorado River. Horseback Mcinnis Canyon National Park A great trail for horseback Mcinnis Canyon National Park is aptly named Wild Horse Mesa. There are also several individual campsites located throughout the area.

These are numbered and clearly marked and must be reserved. Was this page helpful?

Best Campgrounds Near McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area

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There are also several individual campsites located throughout the area. Along the mile stretch of Ruby-Horsethief on this corridor is flat-water that runs through beautiful red rock canyons. This trail is open to hiking only.

Mcinnis National Park

Mcinnis National Park

Visitors can expect to see motorized and non-motorized craft. Keep the park peaceful. Learn how this dinosaur was recovered. Trails range in difficulty and skill level.

McInnis Park

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You can also dial to find out about transit options from your location. Enter your location Please observe park Mcinnis National Park to make your visit safe and enjoyable. Use garbage cans provided, and carry out all your belongings. Dogs must be kept on leash. Leash must be no longer than 6 feet. Dogs are not allowed in tennis courts, with the exception of service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Individuals accompanying dogs are required to clean up and dispose of pet waste. Keep the park peaceful. Mcinnis National Park noise and amplified music are not allowed. No smoking, campstoves, or campfires. Fires Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt only allowed within designated BBQs.

No firearms or weapons of any kind. No operating or landing aircraft of any kind, including drones. No alcoholic beverages. No camping or overnight stays. Some park locations may require permits for commercial use, including tours, classes, camps, film, or photography.

Learn about permit applications. No live bait. Valid fishing license required. Do not follow, approach, or feed wildlife.

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Valid fishing license required. Rustler’s Loop, for example, is designed as a learning loop where riders can hone their skills, and educational signs at various features offer tips to those new to mountain biking. Enter your location Please observe park rules to make your visit safe and enjoyable.