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Megiddo National Park

Megiddo National Park

In any case, for directions, use the following link to Moovit. Where is Megiddo in the Bible? Therefore, I would strongly recommend using a guided tour when visiting this site. You can find the remains of two stables in Tel Megiddo National Park, but we will reach them later.

Tel Megiddo National Park

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Aside from scuttling lizards, all’s quiet today. Only rubble remains of prayer structures and water cisterns, though a minute introductory film and signposting offer tantalising historical details.

There are expansive views, too: you’ll see the Four Horsemen coming from miles away. Megiddo has been the scene of many battles throughout the ages. Megiddo remained Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt prosperous Megiddo National Park stronghold for at least years and later on held out against the Israelites Judgesprobably only falling to David.

Under his son Solomon, Megiddo was transformed into one of the jewels of the Israelite kingdom and became known as the Chariot City — excavations have revealed traces of stables extensive enough to have held thousands of horses.

For a while Megiddo was a strategic stronghold on the important trade route between Egypt and Assyria, but by the 4th century BC the town had inexplicably Megiddo National Park uninhabited. However, its strategic importance remained, and among the armies that fought here were the British in WWI. Jewish and Arab forces clashed here during the war. Save the tunnel until last, as the stair descent leads you out of the site, depositing you on a side road some m from the visitor centre.

Megiddo is 37km southeast of Haifa along Rtes 75, 70 and 6645km east of Caesarea via Rte 65 and 13km southwest of Afula in the Jezreel Valley. Infrequent bus from Haifa-Merkazit HaMifratz bus station takes 40 minutes to reach the intersection of Rte 66 and Tel Megiddo; it’s a short walk to the site.

Meet Tel Megiddo National Park

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Joshua Neither did Manasseh drive out the inhabitants of Bethshean and her towns, nor Taanach and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Dor and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Ibleam and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Megiddo and her towns: but the Canaanites would dwell in that land. Megiddo has been the scene of many battles throughout the ages. Two long stone paved aisles were built adjacent to a main corridor paved with lime.