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Meteor Crater National Park

Meteor Crater National Park

About one mile before the crater and its conspicuous visitor facilities, a wide gravel track Chavez Pass Road branches off to the right, leading to various ranches and eventually meeting road AZ 87 between Payson and Winslow. The trading post owner near the crater sold over 5 tons of irons to museums all over the world. Larger and larger pumps were obtained and millions of gallons of water were removed. In , Roosevelt authorized the establishment of a newly named Meteor, Arizona, post office the closest post office before was 30 miles 48 km away in Winslow, Arizona.

The Destruction and Rebirth of a Landscape

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Joseybu wrote a review Yesterday Layton, Utah20 contributions5 helpful votes Meteor Crater National Park It was very interesting.

The tour guide was engaging and had some interesting things to share. I thought it was really cool that the family who owns the property does not accept profit but instead gives the money back to the crater. Too bad people are ignoring the CDC guidance and putting others at risk. Took the guided tour which was informative and worthwhile. Fascinating geology and history. The have a movie theater on-site Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt lasts about 10 minutes giving you the history.

Meteor Crater National Park also offer a 1 hour outside guided tour but due to time we couldn’t do this one. You can walk outside and view the crater’s impact zone. There is also an indoor small museum. Lots of parking. If you’ve never viewed this you should make a stop. Is great for kids and teenagers.

Especially if they have in interest in space stuff and meteors. The staff is great and very helpful and friendly. This is a must stop!

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The lack of erosion that preserved the crater’s shape helped lead to this crater being the first crater recognized as an impact crater from a natural celestial body. Small black crystals of diamond called carbonados had formed in some of the meteorites. There are 90 feet 27 m of lake deposits on the floor of the crater today.