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Four Mile Trail Yosemite National Park

Four Mile Trail Yosemite National Park

Wood now the Wawona Campground in Wawona. Fire is especially important to the giant sequoia groves, whose seeds cannot germinate without fire-touched soil. Merced River water is available up to Little Yosemite Valley, however you should treat this water by boiling, using iodine, or using a giardia-rated water filter.

History of the Yosemite area

Rocky Mountain National Park Climbing Guide

Distance: 5. All begin at: Happy Isles shuttle stop 16 This very popular hike originates near Happy Isles in eastern Yosemite Valley shuttle stop The John Muir and Mist Trails offer spectacular, up-close views of two large waterfalls, enjoyable scenery along the Merced River, and unique views across Yosemite Valley.

This first paved mile of trail is busiest and accesses the Vernal Fall Footbridge. You’ll find an excellent view of Vernal Fall from the footbridge at 0. About 0. To proceed directly to the top of Vernal Fall, follow the Mist Trail 0. Prepare for slippery footing and a tremendous amount of waterfall spray in spring and Four Mile Trail Yosemite National Park summer hence the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt for this trail!

You will delight in views of Vernal Fall all along this stretch of trail and may even be able to see a rainbow in the spray of the fall. At the top of Vernal Fall, you can experience jaw-dropping views straight down the length of the foot waterfall please don’t cross the railings and use extreme caution while you’re near any flowing water or wet rock in this area.

From this point, you can: choose to turn around and head back the way you came; continue up to the next junction about 0. Crashing down feet, this thunderous waterfall is fullest in spring and early summer, and you will find terrific photographic opportunities along this stretch of trail.

At the top of the climb, head right to reach the footbridge that crosses the Merced River above the fall, allowing you a closer view of it. Use extreme caution while you’re near any flowing water or wet rock in this area.

From here, you can either return down the Mist Trail, or continue over the bridge to the John Muir Trail for an alternate route back to Yosemite Valley. If you choose the John Muir Trail, you will enjoy different scenery, with great views of Liberty Cap and different views of Nevada Fall. Seasonality You can hike to both waterfalls all year. However, in winter, there is a specific route that remains open while some sections of trail are closed.

The lower portion of the Mist Trail along Vernal Fall closes in winter due to risk of falling ice and rock. The upper portion of the John Muir Trail between Clark Point and the top of Nevada Fall is closed in winter due to treacherously Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt conditions.

View current conditions for trail closures and view historical opening and closing dates for this trail. View a trail profile and map of the winter route to the top of Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. Stay Safe Stay on the established trail: do not swim or wade in the river and do not walk along the edge of the river. Observe warning signs and railings—these exist for your safety. Sprained ankles and knee injuries are common on this trail. Avoid becoming dehydrated or experiencing heat exhaustion.

Drink plenty and Four Mile Trail Yosemite National Park often; pace yourself; rest in the shade; and eat salty snacks. The granite steps along the Mist Trail leading up to the brink of Vernal Fall can be slick and crowded.

Consider making a loop by continuing on the trail, past the brink of Vernal Fall and Emerald Pool, taking the cutoff trail to Clark Point, and then hiking down the John Muir Trail. Water Drinking water is available at the shuttle stop near the trailhead stop 16 and also at the Vernal Fall Footbridge…


Kruger National Park Size

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