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Mink Lake Olympic National Park

Mink Lake Olympic National Park

The Alagnak River , designated a wild river , originates within the preserve at Kukaklek Lake. Fall is somewhat drier than the rest of the year, and warm days can occur year-round. The salmon and her siblings smell their way upstream, often to the same quiet pool where they hatched from the gravel a few years before. ANCSA established a timetable for claims, withdrawals and designations, requiring the Park Service to come up with a plan for future park units.

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The park’s chief features are its coast, the Aleutian Range with a chain of fifteen volcanic mountains across the coastal southeastern part of the park, and a series of large lakes in the flatter western part of the park. The closest significant town to the park is King Salmonwhere the park’s headquarters is located, about 5 miles 8. The road is not connected to the Alaska road system. Access to the park’s interior is by boat on Naknek Lake. The mile km long coastline is deeply indented, running from the entrance to the Cook Inlet at Kamishak Bay south to Cape Kubugakli.

The mountains run from southwest to northeast, about 15 miles 24 km inland. The Mink Lake Olympic National Park Riverdesignated a wild riveroriginates within the preserve at Kukaklek Lake. The Naknek Riverwhich empties into Bristol Bayoriginates within the park.

The park adjoins Becharof National Wildlife Refuge to the south. The granite Aleutian Range batholith has intruded through these rocks. The majority of the higher mountains in the park are of volcanic origin. The park has been extensively altered by glaciation, both in the high lands where the mountains have been sculpted by glaciers, and in the lowlands where lakes have been excavated.

Outwash plains and terminal moraines are also featured in the park. Soil types vary from rock or volcanic ash of vary depth to deep, wet soils overlain with peat. Although permafrost exists at higher elevations, it is not present in the lowlands.

The Aleutian Range province is composed of the Shelikof Strait coastline, about 10 miles 16 km deep along the coast, the Aleutian Mountain zone, and Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt lake, or Hudsonian zone. Farther west the Nushagak-Bristol Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Lowlands province is separated from the Aleutian zone by the Bruin Bay Fault, occupying a small corner of the park.

Novarupta’s eruption produced a pyroclastic flow that covered a nearby valley with ash as much as feet 91 m thick. At the same time the summit of Katmai collapsed into a caldera. As the valley deposits cooled, they emitted steam from fissures and fumaroles, earning the name ” Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

At present streams have cut canyons as much as feet 30 m deep, but only 5 to 10 feet 1. Several glaciers originate from the mountain, and one in the caldera is one of the few to have formed in historical times.

The mountain stands on Jurassic sedimentary rocks, and its volcanic components are less than 1, feet m thick. During that time about 0. A large lava flow extends from the mountain to fill the upper part of Angle Creek’s valley with about five cubic kilometers of material.

The composite structure has four vents, the highest at 7, feet 2, m and three subsidiary vent cones. Mink Lake Olympic National Park small crater hold a lake and fumaroles on the highest cone’s flank. Much of the 6,foot 2, m mountain is covered by Fourpeaked Glacier. The flat-topped mountain has three concentric craters, the largest 1, metres 4, ft wide. The mountain’s geochemistry differs from its neighbors.

Griggs has active sulfurous fumaroles. Roughly a third to half of the mountain has been eroded by glacial action. The volcano has two vents about 4 kilometres 2. It has a strong fumarole field near the summit. The highest peak is 2, feet mwith a 2. There are two large domes within the caldera and two on the flanks.

Activities[ edit ] A brown bear in Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska Activities at Katmai…

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Call the Wilderness Information Center for information on wilderness camping permits and bear canisters. Indian Peaks Wilderness , The mountains run from southwest to northeast, about 15 miles 24 km inland.