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Mojave National Park

Mojave National Park

As you venture through the cave, you will come to a series of ventricles in the tube ceiling. An old stone house marks the beginning of the trail. Derby Entry Permit must be purchased upon arrival and prior to the start of fishing. The lava tube at Mojave National Preserve measures about feet long.

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The views are otherworldly! I will admit, we were hesitant about hiking this preserve. Having just spend the previous day hiking Joshua Tree Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Park we did not think this National Preserve would measure up. We hiked two trails at the Preserve and spent a total of 5 hours at the Preserve split between hiking and driving. The Preserve is very big, and it takes time to get from one trail to the next.

The ring loops trail is a Mojave National Park hike trail that takes you through Banshee Canyon. In fact, a free-standing information board we came across stated that Banshee Canyon was once a hideout of Jesse James. Also, we had the trail to ourselves — we ran into maybe 6 people so while we had our face masks with us, Mojave National Park did not feel the need to wear them. I recommend wearing layers on this hike too. It was very windy and cold to start. About halfway into the hike I found myself removing layers.

I recommend picking up the trailhead at the Hole-in-the-wall Visitors Center. Mojave, yuccas, cholla and prickly pear cactus are just a few of the desert plants we spotted on our hike. We did not see any animals on this hike but there were a lot of dung piles which we believe were probably from cows or sheep. We also hiked Kelso Dunes. This was a very rewarding and challenging hike. It took 1. Dress accordingly and hike with water. I also recommend you bring Chapstick with.

You will be in the sun the entire time. There is no where to sit and grab some shade on this hike. The views are just as spectacular at the base as they are from the top of the summit. We also had the chance to catch the sunset mid-way up the sand dune which was breathtaking.

It looked like this was a popular sunset spot since we noticed an increase in hikers during the sunset. Something we wish we knew about in advance is the drive to the base of the sand dune. There are very large potholes in the 3 mile stretch of gravel road leading to the designated parking spaces.

Make sure you have a spare tire especially if you will be visiting with a rental car like we did. Parking spaces are limited but, we had no issues finding a place to park.

Bathroom facilities were also open.

The Mojave National Preserve

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Catch and release is not allowed. Someone stole the cross in and replaced it with a replica. Fishing License must be in participants possession at all times. The tree grows fast, an average of 3 inches per year in the first decade of its life.

Mojave Desert National Park

Mojave Desert National Park

A minute orientation film is shown in the theater. Entrance Fee. The Kelso Depot has plenty of tables and shade, providing a perfect place for enjoying a picnic lunch. Sadly, our planned route had us heading in the opposite direction of the tubes towards Joshua Tree.

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Pin It! The preserve includes mountains, mesas, sand dunes, and volcanic features. On our first cross-country road tripwe drove past Mojave. Yes, you have that right, we did not stop. You see, Mojave National Preserve is big.

If you plan Mojave Desert National Park visiting, or simply driving through Mojave, read on. Driving Through the Desert This year, we returned to Southern California for our sixth annual road trip.

While the Mojave Desert National Park focus of the trip was visiting Death ValleyJoshua Tree and Channel Islands National Parks, we also planned enough time to drive through, rather than by Mojave. Driving through the desert was actually unavoidable, considering that we were coming from Las Vegas heading towards Joshua Tree. If you, too, are driving to Joshua Tree, or traveling between LA and Las Vegas, this post will provide you with a rundown of the best places to stop in Mojave. This is a great roadside stop for anyone with an appreciation of art…or a desire to take a photo for social media.

In full disclosure, this is a very popular tourist stop. We arrived a little after 8 am on a Saturday morning and it was already quite busy. Kids and adults alike enjoy these massive neon boulder totem poles. Pondering if it would be possible for someone to topple one. Or maybe second, after an obligatory park sign photo, of course.

The oasis-like feel in the middle of the very hot Mojave Desert? But the Kelso Depot is quite possibly one of the loveliest National Park Site visitor centers we have encountered thus far.

Originally opened in as a train station for passenger and shipping traffic, the depot provided services for railroad passengers and employees, functioning as a restaurant, hotel and dormitory. In addition to exhibits and photographs, the ticket office, baggage room and two dormitory rooms are historically furnished so as to depict life at the depot during the first half of the twentieth century.

The gardens surrounding the building made the depot a popular stop for passengers and employees. At one time the gardens included cottonwood and elm trees, but today only the palm trees have survived the harsh desert climate.

Freight trains still pass by the depot at fairly regular intervals. The tallest dunes, shown in the distance, reach heights of ft. Running or sliding down the dunes can result in singing, booming or humming sound. To be honest, we barely made it to the base of the dunes. The happy smiles showed below, sadly did not last long in the intense desert heat. We arrived at the dunes in late morning during spring. And bring plenty of water! Hole-in-the-Wall This area of the preserve contains canyons Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt from porous volcanic rock creating, as the name implies, holes in the canyon walls.

Too bad that Hole-in-the-Wall is 30 miles, approximately a Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt drive from the Kelso Depot area. Otherwise, we would have definitely stopped!

Mojave Lava Tubes A lava tube is a tunnel within a hardened lava flow, formerly occupied by flowing molten lava. Likening this to a volcanic cave, our oldest boys immediately asked to visit the tubes. Sadly, our planned route had us heading in the opposite direction of the tubes towards Mojave Desert National Park Tree. But if we visit Mojave again, the Lava Tubes will be our first stop! One Last Road Trip Tip As far as we are aware, there are no places to purchase meals within the park.

The Kelso Depot Mojave Desert National Park…

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Or maybe second, after an obligatory park sign photo, of course. Popular Posts. Freight trains still pass by the depot at fairly regular intervals. The Kelso Depot has plenty of tables and shade, providing a perfect place for enjoying a picnic lunch.