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Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park

Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park

The closest community is Babb, which is nine miles north of the Saint Mary Entrance. The parking lot is large and includes a hitching rail and designated parking for stock trailers. Overnight camping requires a permit. Fishing species: The drainage contains rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, arctic grayling and whitefish.

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This The highlights of the Belly River Trail are Elizabeth Lake and Helen Lakeas well as the incredible mountainous scenery the entire way. A nice feature of the Belly River Trail is there is not a lot of elevation gain or loss, which makes it ideal for overnight backpacking when you’re Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park in the mood for a big mountain pass to hike over The trail drops feet in the first few miles, then the rest of your hike into the Belly River Valley is relatively level.

The Belly River Trail is a good choice for an early summer multi-day Glacier Park hiking adventure because the snow leaves this low elevation valley quite early To exit the Belly River Valley, overnight backpackers can end up doing a little back tracking and then hiking up Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt 2, vertical Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park to Ptarmigan Tunnel and then ending their hike at Many Glacier.

Or backpackers can back track along the Belly River Trail to their car that’s parked at the Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park lot.

There is a large parking lot to your left just as the Border Crossing comes into view. Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead mile 0. Be careful if the trail is wet due to a recent rain storm because it can become very slick. Belly River Valley Floor mile 2. You will hike through open meadows and groves of aspens, as well as pine trees as Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt trail turns to the southwest.

Gable Creek Campground mile 5. This backcountry campground is popular for those hikers who stayed the night at Slide Lake and hiked up and over Gable Pass to enter the Belly River Valley see photo below.

Stoney Indian Pass Trail Junction mile 6. Stay left to continue onward along the Belly River Trail. You can’t help but notice the towering Gable Mountain complex to your left eastas well as Chief Mountain further to the northeast see photo above. Belly River Ranger Station mile 6. Only about a tenth of a mile from the Stoney Indian Pass Trail junction, you will cross a wooden fence and enter the large open meadow where the Belly River Ranger Station is located.

You will also see the Gable Pass Trail junction near the station. The Belly River Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park then takes you through a densely wooded, fairly level section of the trail.

Cosley Lake Cutoff Trail Junction mile 7. This is a wide ford, and there is a cable that crosses the river here for backpackers to hold onto to while they cross this large body of water see photo below.

Of course stay left straight at the Cosley Lake Cutoff Trail junction to continue on the Belly River Trail, and it eventually crosses the Belly River to the west bank on a well built suspension bridge. Just after this river crossing you will encounter the short spur trail to Dawn Mist Falls at mile 8. Elizabeth Lake Head Campground mile After the trail crosses a large creek that comes down from Ipasha Glacier and Old Sun Glacier, you will get a glimpse of the gigantic Mount Merritt to the west rightwhich is one of the tallest peaks in Glacier National Park.

To the east leftthe ominous looking Ptarmigan Wall a. Pinnacle Wall dominates the view. Helen Lake and Helen Lake Campground mile From this point Mokowanis Lake Glacier National Park can see the incredible east face of Ahern Mountain beyond the head of…

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On the way back to the Belly River Ranger Station, you have a little spur down to Gros Ventre Falls which has falls coming down to a very pretty pool of water. In the summer, make beautiful Cosley Lake a stop on a longer multi-day trip up and over Stoney Indian Pass. Overall, this area is amazing if you like lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and amazing basins surrounded by towering peaks. Keep hiking for a couple miles through meadows and forest and soon you will arrive at the foot of Cosley Lake where the campground is located.