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Montecristo National Park El Salvador

Montecristo National Park El Salvador

At the park, you will find plenty of ecotourism activities and fantastic views of the surrounding areas, including the capital. Travel to El Salvador and visit the Parks, discover everything they have to offer! This park is ideal for camping, which a lot of people do.

Parque Nacional Montecristo

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Share Montecristo National Park in El Salvador is a fantastic area ideal for those looking to get in touch with nature. Montecristo was the first protected area in the country, its principal purpose is to protect the astonishing flora and fauna found in the park.

The location and conditions of the park make it suitable for a wide variety of plants, animals, and other living things to fully develop. All of the activities at Montecristo have to do with ecotourism, and they can be done in a day. Hiking to El Trifinio.

El Trifinio marks the highest point in the park and also the area where the three countries, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, converge. The round trip to the summit will take you about four to five hours, it depends on your conditioning and the conditions of the trail. Explore the park and enjoy the Flora and Fauna. These trails will take you to a viewpoint with panoramic views of Honduras, or it will take you to the river that has a series of small waterfalls for you to explore and enjoy.

Explore Montecristo and enjoy astonishing Flora and Fauna that is available all over. Visit the Garden of years. The garden of years is a small botanical garden that features a wide range of plants, including a magnificent collection of orchids. Before venturing into Montecristo, you might want to follow these tips or recommendations; the first one is a must, or you will not be able to enter the park.

Get a permit to enter the park. To access the park, you are going to need a written permit from the Salvadoran Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources MARN Keep in mind that the permit process needs to be done about 48 hours in advance. On the application, you will need to provide the names of all people in your group, the license plates of all vehicles, and the passport number for the group leader or leaders.

Getting a permit is a tedious process that needs to be done; I wish there was a better way to do it, but it is the only system available at the moment. Once the authorization is processed, the authorities will email you a permit which you need to print and present at the gate. Get to the park on time. This is something else that you need to pay attention to; even if you have a permit, you will not be able to get into the park after 1pm, even if you have the proper documents.

The park is an open space; nevertheless, to enter, you need to be there during the regular hours of operations. It opens from 7. To make sure that you have the correct hours Montecristo National Park El Salvador operations, you can call MARN at Use proper transportation. If you are driving to Montecristo, make sure your automobile is equipped for all types of road conditions.

The roads to Montecristo are not well maintained, and this gets worse during the wet season. So, if Montecristo National Park El Salvador are going during the rainy season, make sure your car is up to the challenge.

Montecristo National Park El Salvador tour companies in El Salvador will deal with everything for you, getting the paperwork ready and driving you to the park. Make sure the main trail to El Trifinio is open to the public One of the top attractions at Montecristo is the main trail that takes you to the El Trifinio.

As previously mentioned, El Trifinio is at the highest point of the park and is…

About Montecristo National Park El Salvador.

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The trail to El Trifinio is closed from May to November, the breeding season for local fauna, but Los Planes is open year-round. The third volcano, Cerro Verde, has the same name as the park. Day trippers usually find that during the week it’s usually possible to turn up and pay admission at the gates, but if the park is busy usually on weekends you may be turned away if you haven’t booked ahead, as there is a limit on the number of people admitted to the park. So, if you are planning to spend the night, make sure you bring a jacket as it gets colder at night.