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Montreal National Park

Montreal National Park

We were lucky to chat with them and ask our burning questions about whale preservation and their behaviour. Why not help me by buying me a virtual cup of tea? This article was udpdated on February 17,

10 best national parks near Montreal – Some of the best parks in Quebec

Congaree National Park Trail Map

We all have seen these beautiful images of Banff and Lake Louise that make us want to book a vacation there in the blink of an eye. For those living or travelling to either of these two cities, I have researched the parks that are relatively close for you to go on a weekend getaway. Psst: This article only focuses on parks that belong to Parks Canada network; the list does not cover provincial parks.

Because I wanted to do a collection of parks across the different provinces. The list below is ordered by provinces to make your search easier. La Mauricie National Park Tips for rocking your visit!

You can buy the pass through their site and you will receive it a few days after by mail. With the pass you also have access to Historic sites Search for the red chairs! The iconic Muskoka red chairs are the picture-perfect place to enjoy your surroundings. There are located a key places with breathtaking views. They are a great place to rest from your hike and marvel at our national gems. Join the fun! Worry not, the parks have plenty of equipment to rent.

Parks have canoe, kayaks and active equipment. They also have ready-to-camp tent, branded oTENTik tents. These have everything you needed like beds, plates and the washrooms are less than 2 min away. Plus, they have flushable toilets, hot showers and drink potable water. Some even have electricity. The tents have a table, inside and outside with a heater if the nights were cold. I mean, this was camping to the next level! Here is the list of everything that is included Montreal National Park the tents.

All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, pillows and food. Want to understand nature and the cultures that define a park? Then you can attend one of the activities with their naturalist. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge on indigenous cultures, you can also attend events or visit interpretation or visitors centers.

Wait, what? I know it can get a little confusing. So keep an eye for this distinction so you do not get confused. If you bought the discovery pass, you will not be able to use it for the Sepaq parks. For a complete list of all the trip ideas that are driving distance from Montreal, you can go to my other article.

La Mauricie National Park Only hours north of the Montreal, the park is one of the biggest in the province. The park also has some amazing wildlife like including tailed deers, beavers and rare Canadian wood turtles. However, the black bear steals all the highlights.

We were lucky enough to see a cub with its momma bear in our last visit! Lawrence Marine Park Montreal National Park marine sanctuary was originally established to protect the biodiversity of the region. Always wanted to see beluga whales and blue whales? Then this is the park for you! There are 13 major whale species swimming in the waters of the Saint-Laurent river. You can bring a picnic and enjoy the views of the water and hope to see a finn or a tail. Upon your arrival you can also see the pictoresque lighthouse.

The marine park has 2 other land points, Pointe Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre and Marine Environment Discovery Centre At these 3 stops, you have marine biologists and naturalists that are there for you to ask questions and to do activities. We were lucky to chat with them and ask our burning questions about whale preservation and their behaviour. Did you…

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Plants In Yellowstone National Park

Parc Maisonneuve : With 63 hectares of green space, including a public golf course, official bike paths and a skating rink, there’s still plenty of space to stretch out and relax in Parc Maisonneuve in the Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie borough. In the park you can also go whale watching and go snorkeling with seals. As well, under the current curfew, residents must be home between 8 p. The ride to get to Bonaventure island is already quite an adventure, but your time there will be unique as well.