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Mr Rainier National Park

Mr Rainier National Park

Sunshine Point Campground, just inside the Nisqually Entrance, was destroyed and has not reopened. When the Pacific Forest Reserve was created in , Muir quickly persuaded the newly formed Sierra Club to support a movement to protect Rainier as a national park. The park provides opportunities for people to experience, understand, and care for the park environment, and also provides for wilderness experiences and sustains wilderness values.

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No Events 14, feet of fun and adventure await your exploration at Mount Rainier. No trip to Washington State is complete without a Mount Rainier experience. Stroll through a Mr Rainier National Park inland rainforest this spring.

Hike with the wildflowers and gaze upon powerful waterfalls this summer. Marvel at the fall colors each autumn. Discover epic skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing each winter.

And fall in love with the world-class vistas that re-define spectacular year-round. Ready to hit the trail? We have over trail descriptions. Want to relax and stay awhile? Choose from over 60 lodging options. Visit a wildlife parkfollow a drive tourtake the scenic Mt. Is this the year you Rainier? Spring at the Mountain.

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Douglas Wildernesses. Kuchler U. He found no evidence of permanent habitation in the park area.