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Murray Sunset National Park

Murray Sunset National Park

Ensure you carry adequate water, food and fuel when four wheel driving. The main walks around the Pink Lakes area are 45 minute to one-and-a-half hour strolls through this fascinating country, with views over Lake Kenyon, Lake Crosbie and Lake Becking. Although a tram line was built from Lake Becking to Linga the service was plagued by mechanical problems and drifting sand that blocked the line, so the camel trains continued until they were eventually replaced by the trucks in the mid s. Need 4WD.

Murray-Sunset National Park

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History[ edit ] The park was created inand expanded to encompass Pink Lakes State Park in The lakes are dubbed “pink” after the beta-carotene pigment that colours it in late summer, caused by the algae Dunaliella salina.

This area was the site of a major salt industry from to At its peak, ten thousand tons of salt was harvested and Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt from Lake CrosbieLake Becking and Lake Kenyon to the nearby town of Linga.

Other historical relics include Shearer’s Quarters and Mopoke Hut, built as grazier accommodation in the s. Flora and fauna[ edit ] Emu tracks on salt lake in Murray Sunset NP Emuswedge-tailed eagles Murray Sunset National Park, and both western grey and red kangaroos are present.

Important Bird Area[ edit ] Attractions[ edit ] The park is attractive to bushwalkers as the nearest semi-arid region Murray Sunset National Park Melbourne. Groundwater is scarce, and hikers generally rely on water tanks maintained by rangers. The Pink Lakes are medium-sized salt lakes. In late summer a red pigment, carotene, is secreted from the alga Dunaliella salina and gives a distinct pink colour to the lakes.

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Continue along Underbool Track past the western end of Pheenys Track to the turn onto the eastern end of it a short distance later. Another World War increased the demand for salt and Italian internees were then put to work digging. We loved to read the park described as magnificent!