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Tassili N ajjer National Park

Tassili N ajjer National Park

Central Algeria has the region of High Plateaus with shallow or dry lakes and salt marshes. In a small gathering, it is polite to greet each person individually, beginning with the elders. Algeria is commonly called the country of cherries and dates.

53 Important Facts About Algeria

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It has a total area of 2, square km. Algiers is its capital and largest city. Arabic and Berber are its official languages. Its official currency is Dinar DZD. Algeria shares maritime borders with Italy and Spain. Algeria is the largest country in Africa followed by Democratic Republic of the Congo 2, sq km. It has a beautiful setting on the coast of the Mediterranean ocean with its pleasant year-round climate.

With an ancient history and fairly recent independence after years of war, there is much to interest visitors here. Algeria is commonly called the country of cherries and dates.

This refers to the various types of weather found here; a mild climate in the north and a dry, hot one in the Saharan south. Algerian dates are known to be some of the best on earth. Visitors are traditionally greeted by being offered dates and milk. Algerian Arabic called darja is spoken by well over half the population as well. Although English is not commonly spoken, it is taught in Algerian schools. Algeria and other African countries on the map.

Political map showing Algeria and other African countries. Image credit — Nationsonline. The legal system is based on the French court system and Sharia law.

In areas under Islamic Salvation Front FIS control, people wear some form of traditional garb, particularly the women. It is considered proper to be dressed conservatively in public and modest Tassili N ajjer National Park is worn by all Algerians. The fennec is a small desert fox with disproportionately large ears. Two Fennec foxes. Image credit — Umberto Salvagnin 7. Hospitality is important among the Algerian people. It is a blend of Arabic customs with French Gallic traditions.

Everyone is cordial to strangers and friends alike. In a small gathering, it is polite to greet each person individually, beginning with the elders. Handshakes are common but using your fingers to point at objects or people is considered rude. Never use the left hand separately: when handing someone something, do it with the right hand or both hands.

In this Tassili N ajjer National Park dominant society, sex roles are clearly defined. Nevertheless, some women do fill important positions in public and private professions. Fathers handle family finances while mothers take care of the children and the home. Men often meet at coffeehouses to play games like chess, checkers, and dominoes. Others are expected to make advance plans. When visiting someone socially, it is customary to bring the host a small gift.

Speech in conversations that is too direct and frank is considered impolite. Key attributes of the Algerian national character are courtesy and formality. About economy and people of Algeria Algeria owes no money to other countries; it has no external debt. Unfortunately, one in every four of its citizens lives on less than a dollar a day. Many Algerians are poor. The national currency is Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Algerian Dinar.

Free national health care was introduced by the government in and helps pay for those who are sick and injured. Nearly all of the people living in urban areas and 80 percent of the population in rural areas have access to adequate sanitation. Women have traditionally been discouraged from attending school to stay home with their mothers. French is the instructional language at school. English is taught as well. The northern coastal area is home to 90 percent of the population while the remaining nomadic or partly nomadic population lives in oases in the Sahara desert.

Twenty-nine percent of Algerians are under 15 years old. Huge amounts of…

About economy and people of Algeria

Capitol Reef National Park Scenic Drive

Two additional natural arch roadways are found in Kentucky. Although English is not commonly spoken, it is taught in Algerian schools. The Rainbow Bridge National Monument ‘s namesake was also formed by flowing water which created the largest known natural bridge in the Western Hemisphere with a span of feet 71 m , based on a laser measurement made in

Park National Sw Ohio N Kentucky

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N Cascades National Park

N Cascades National Park

In keeping with this mandate, hunting is illegal in the park, as is mining, logging, oil and gas extraction, and removal of natural or cultural resources. The hike is 2. A rock ledge with a stone guard wall offers you a good resting place as you enjoy the sight—and the thundering sound—of falling water. Chelan is located at the southeastern end of Lake Chelan where east-side access to the park from Stehekin serves the eastern Washington communities.


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Human history[ edit ] Paleoindians and Native Americans[ edit ] Human history in North Cascades National Park and the surrounding region begins 8—10, years ago, after the end of the last glacial period. Archaeological evidence from other sites hundreds of miles away from the park indicate that Hozomeen cherta type of rock well-suited to the fabrication of implements, was mined from near Hozomeen Mountainjust east of the park border, for the last 8, years.

The microblades are part of an archaeological assemblage that includes five distinct cultural periods, indicating that people were traveling into the mountains nearly 10, years ago. Skagits formed a loose confederation of tribes that united if threatened by outside tribes such as the Haidaswho lived to the north.

The lodges were feet 30 m in length and 20 to 40 ft 6. Byonly about 56 Skagits remained in the region, but their numbers have since rebounded to several hundred. Like the coastal-based Skagits, inland tribes also constructed long lodges which were occupied by numerous families, though the style of construction was slightly different as the lodges did not Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt partitions separating one family from another, and were frame constructed and covered with reed mats rather than from cedar planking.

Inland tribes also had less bountiful fisheries and greater weather extremes due to being further away from the moderating influence of the Pacific Ocean. Inland tribes rarely erected totem poles or participated in potlatch ceremonies. During one season, Ross traded 1, beaver pelts. Ross and the guide may have traveled as far west as the Skagit River, but failed to get to Puget Sound. McClellan led a party that explored the area for potential locations for the construction of a railroad through the region.

McClellan determined the mountains were too numerous and precipitous, and that any railway would have to be constructed well to the south. The Oregon boundary dispute between Britain and the United States eventually led to the Oregon Treaty ofand the 49th parallel forms both the current international border as well as the northern limit of the current park.

Custer’s party crossed Whatcom Pass inand were the first whites to see Challenger Glacier and Hozomeen Mountain. As with the party led by McClellan in the s, Pierce failed to Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt a suitable route for a railway, and only marginally suitable routes for roads.

However, the expedition discovered gold in a quartz vein on the slopes of Eldorado Peak. In the s, placer mining also commenced along Ruby Creekand hundreds of miners came to the region even though it was difficult to access. The demand for metals was not constant, and so prices tended to fluctuate too greatly for mining to be viable. One such inholding, the Thunder Creek mine, was still privately owned as of In the Washington Forest Reserve was set aside, preserving the forestland that would later become the park.

Bythe management of the reserve was transferred from the Department of the Interior to the Department of Agriculture. The Forest Service was subsequently created to administer these forest reserves nationwide, which were redesignated as National Forests. A contract to extract the timber was awarded in and the project was completed in The establishment of Yellowstone National Park inand Yosemite National Park inled preservationists to argue for similar protections for other areas.

Even before the North Cascade region was designated as a Forest Reserve inactivists argued the region should be afforded the greater protection accorded from a National Park designation. The Forest Service was also not in favor of…

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Wow, how amazing! Colonial Creek Campground walk-in tent-only sites. Campgrounds along State Route 20 will reopen for reservations with water, services, and fees in late May. A few former national parks are no longer designated as such , or have been disbanded.