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Nagarahole National Park

Nagarahole National Park

It is well connected with several international cities as well. They speak a variant form of Kannada commonly known as Jenu-nudi within their family kin group, and Kannada with others. The Balle Elephant Camp is a facility of the Karnataka forest camp inside the Nagerhole national park. The Jenu Kurubas mainly depend on forest for their day-to-day life.

Nagarhole National Park, Hunsur: Address, Nagarhole National Park Reviews: 4/5

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Image source Yathin S Krishnappa Spread in an area of square-miles, the park was initially a hunting reserve for the royals of Wodeyar dynastyone time rulers of Kingdom of Mysore.

The park was established as a wildlife sanctuary in and was upgraded into a national park in The park was declared as the 37th Tiger reserve in Dotting with captivating flora and fauna; this park has numerous varieties of wildlife present in it. One can even become witness to a large variety of amphibians and birds here.

Nagarhole National Park, Kodagu. This combined area forms the largest conterminous forest cover towards this part of the world. This entire forest cover is abode to the largest herbivorous density in Asia and largest Asiatic Elephant density in the entire world.

From wildlife sustainability perspective, Nagarahole National Park park has successfully maintained a healthy predator-prey ratio, thereby ensuring a balance food chain cycle within its premises. Ursus ursinus in nagarhole. Image courtesy: Chinmayisk The Dominant Flora of Nagarhole National Park The vegetation Nagarahole National Park this park predominantly comprises of moist, tropical and mixed deciduous forest, with some portions being the dry deciduous type.

Bamboo thickets and luxurious forests provide the perfect backdrop to watch elephants happily roaming in their natural Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. Over species of birds can also be located in the vicinity of this park. Visitors can spot large groups waterfowls in River Kabini and a huge variety of woodland birds all around the park.

The park usually remains closed during June to September, which is the rainy season here. Driving through the Park. The nearest international airport is located Nagarahole National Park Bangalore, which is at a distance of kms. One can reach Bangalore from all the major cities across India. It is well connected with several international cities as well. The nearest railway head is located in Bangalore at a distance of kms. Bangalore is well connected with all the major cities across India.

And one can take either a taxi or bus to reach the national park from here. By Road The sanctuary is located at a distance of 96 kms from Mysore city, 93 kms from Madikeri and kms from Bangalore city. Also See.

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Other mammals includes the gray langur Presbytes entellus , bonnet macaque Macaca radiata , jungle cat Felis chaus , leopard cat Prionailurus bengalensis , slender loris Loris tadigradus , small Indian civet Viverricula indica and Asian palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus , Indian brown mongoose Herpestes fuscus and stripe-necked mongoose Herpestes vitticollis , European otter Lutra lutra , Indian giant flying squirrel Petaurista petaurista , Indian giant squirrel Ratufa indica , porcupine , golden jackal , chevrotain Tragulus meminna , hare and Indian pangolin Manis crassicaudata. Bamboo thickets and luxurious forests provide the perfect backdrop to watch elephants happily roaming in their natural surroundings. In , the first relocation attempts initiated by a World Bank funded eco-development project of the local tribal population was begun with 50 tribal people.