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Namadgi National Park

Namadgi National Park

Alpine wildflowers in summer. Dudley Street in Yarralumla has been closed in both directions between Novar and Kent streets. The walk has views, kangaroos and wildflowers.

Namadgi National Park // Canberra’s Adventure Playground (ACT)

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Print with images and other media Print text only Print Cancel Defence force personnel onboard a helicopter that started a massive bushfire in the ACT last summer took photos of the blaze as they flew away from the scene, but did not report its precise location to authorities until 45 minutes later. Key points: A series of photographs show the moment the Orroral Valley bushfire began in the Namadgi National Park The pictures were taken by Defence personnel onboard the helicopter which accidentally ignited the flames Defence says the crew did not call in the fire immediately because their priority was their safety The photos, released by Defence in response to questions from the ABC, show how small the fire was seconds after it was accidentally ignited by the helicopter’s landing light when it set down in the Namadgi National Park.

Personnel aboard an MRH Taipan helicopter snapped the photographs as they left the area, but did not report the fire’s location to ACT emergency services until they landed at Canberra Airport, 45 minutes later.

By the time ACT fire authorities pinpointed the fire’s location, the flames had swept into woodland and become an inferno.

Defence personnel have been criticised for the delay in communicating details of the fire to emergency workers. Supplied: Department of Defence Justin Bayliss, whose property in Bumbalong, NSW was burnt out Namadgi National Park the blaze, said it was confusing why personnel aboard the helicopter had time to take pictures, but not to call in the location of the fire emergency.

The Army helicopter was on a reconnaissance mission to identify landing zones that could be used to insert and extract remote area firefighting teams when it set down for a break in the Orroral Valley, in the ACT’s south, about pm on January But heat from the aircraft’s landing light ignited Namadgi National Park dry grass of the landing site.

According to Defence documents, the crew spotted the fire seconds after landing and the helicopter took off, with the downdraught from its rotors further fanning the flames. The fire damaged the underside of the Defence helicopter. The helicopter landed safely at Fairbairn at pm — 45 Namadgi National Park after the blaze had started — and handed over the location data to ACT emergency Namadgi National Park once on the ground.

By Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt time ACT fire authorities located the fire, it had swept into woodland and become an inferno. The Orroral Valley bushfire went on to scorch 80 per cent of Namadgi National Park, causing an environmental disaster. Defence said “addressing potentially catastrophic risks to crew and aircraft was the focus of the Namadgi National Park radio traffic during the flight to safety”.

Defence said helicopter had ‘no means of external communication’ Defence told the ABC the crew did not call in the fire as their primary focus was their safety. Watch Duration: 2 minutes 11 seconds 2 m 11 s Radio calls show how fire crews struggled to locate the fire without Defence’s help.

But Mr Bayliss, who has a decade’s experience as a rural firefighter, said the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt did not make sense, and the minute delay meant the fire was able to get out of control. It’s not my number one priority,” Mr Barr said. Absolutely nothing. Reporting delay caused by multiple issues Former ACT Emergency Services Commissioner Peter Dunn — a retired major general who was tasked with reforming emergency services in the ACT after the bushfires — said the delay may have been caused by a…

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Cahuita National Park

Defence said “addressing potentially catastrophic risks to crew and aircraft was the focus of the crew’s radio traffic during the flight to safety”. You can also start at the locked gate on the Apollo Road first 1 km on private property following the Mt Tennent fire trail. Namadgi National Park is located at the northern end of the Australian Alps, 45 minutes drive from Canberra city. Duration: 8 km 3.