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Which U. s. President Declared Yellowstone As The Nation s First National Park?

Which U. s. President Declared Yellowstone As The Nation s First National Park?

Congress to withdraw this region from public auction. The act of also provided authority for preserving an important battlefield of the Indian wars when, on January 29, , the Secretary of War designated “The National Cemetery of Custer’s Battlefield Reservation. When the National Park Service was created in , many of the management principles developed by the army were adopted by the new agency.

First National Park From the Yellowstone Expedition

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McNamara is a history expert and former magazine journalist. He was Amazon. Grant designated in The law establishing Yellowstone as the first National Park declared the area would be preserved “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people. And the idea of preserving the Yellowstone region was the result of an unusual expedition. The story of how Yellowstone came to be protected, and how it led to the National Parks system in the United States, involves scientists, mapmakers, artists, and photographers.

The diverse cast of characters was brought together by a physician and geologist who loved the American wilderness. Stories of Yellowstone Fascinated People in the East In the early decades of the 19th century, Which U. s. President Declared Yellowstone As The Nation s First National Park? and settlers crossed the continent along routes such as the Oregon Trail, but vast stretches of the American west were unmapped and virtually unknown. Trappers and hunters sometimes brought back stories about beautiful and exotic landscapes, but many people scoffed at their accounts.

Stories about majestic waterfalls and geysers that shot steam out of the ground were considered yarns created by mountain men with wild imaginations. In the mids expeditions began to travel into the various territories of the West, and eventually, an expedition led by Dr.

Ferdinand V. Hayden would prove the existence of the area which would become Yellowstone National Park. Ferdinand Hayden Explored the West The creation of the first National Park is tied to the career of Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden, a geologist and medical doctor who was born in Massachusetts in He then studied medicine in New York. For the rest of the s, Hayden participated in a number of expeditions, going as far west as Montana.

Which U. s. President Declared Yellowstone As The Nation s First National Park? serving in the Civil War as a battlefield surgeon with the Union Army, Hayden took a teaching position in Philadelphia but hoped to return to the West.

And after the war, there was a renewed interest in finding out what lay in the western territories, and specifically what natural resources could be discovered. In the spring ofCongress allocated funds to send an expedition to determine what natural resources were located Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the route of the transcontinental railroad, which was being constructed.

Ferdinand Hayden was recruited to join that effort. At the age of 38, Hayden was made the head of the U. Geological Survey. From to Hayden embarked upon several expeditions in the west, traveling through the present-day states of IdahoColorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana.

Military expeditions had already penetrated the Yellowstone region and had reported some findings to Congress. Hayden wanted to extensively document what was to be found, so he carefully assembled a team of experts.

Accompanying Hayden on the Yellowstone expedition were 34 men including a geologist, a mineralogist, and a topographical artist. Hayden realized that written reports about the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt region could be disputed back in the East, but photographs would settle everything. And Hayden had a particular interest in stereographic imagery, a 19th-century fad in which special cameras took a pair of images which appeared three-dimensional when seen through a special viewer.

For several months the expedition traveled through parts of present-day Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The painter Thomas Moran sketched and painted landscapes of the region, and William Henry Jackson took a number of striking photographs. Hayden Submitted a Report on Yellowstone to the U. Hayden began work on what became a page report to Congress about what…

Magnificent Wilderness Was Set Aside to Be Protected and Preserved

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After splitting up with the other trappers in , Colter passed through a portion of what later became the park, during the winter of — Berann ; scale exaggerated The expansive cultural history of the park has been documented by the 1, archeological sites that have been discovered. As early as Congress authorized the President to reserve the land on which the well known Casa Grande Ruin was located.