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Nechisar National Park

Nechisar National Park

The southern part of the park is domainated by edaphic grassland and a calcareous black clay soil underneath with Dobera glabra , Acacia tortilis and the grass Chrysopogon aucheri forming much of the landscape. Also seen are black-backed jackal and African hunting dog. The Guji also acquired firearms during this period, and used them to resist eviction from the park afterwards.

Nechisar National Park

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Wild Safari Guide The national park is Nechisar National Park known for prolific wildlifebut rather for its remarkable Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt and unique geography. The rarest species in the park is the Nechisar nightjar, a real-lifer for avid birders. There are recorded bird species, three of which are endemic: thick-billed raven, wattled ibis, and Nechisar nightjar.

Lesser flamingoes, storks, kingfishers, and fish eagles can be seen on the banks Nechisar National Park the Nechisar National Park. Low rainfall is ideal for spotting wildlife and for trekking. This time of year is peak season, so visitors Nechisar National Park search of something quieter should consider the October to December period.

The monsoon season is unpleasant and best avoided April to June. Lake Chamo is teeming with crocodiles and hippos, best observed from the comfort of a boat – a fantastic safari experience. Local guides will take visitors out on a rudimentary boat to find hippos and crocs basking, and view an array of waterbirds such as pelicans, flamingoes, and herons.

Trekking through the park with a guide is yet another eye-opening experience and provides ample opportunity to spot game. Typically, hikers will see zebra, primates, antelope, and an array of birds while wading and walking through unchartered terrain. Guides will introduce safari-goers to the wildlife hotspots and safe walking areas. Three kilometres from the entrance is the famous hot springs, which are well worth a visit, a dream destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

The Bridge of God refers to the small strip of land that divides two lakes and is a fantastic viewpoint to see the awe-inspiring mountain ranges and sweeping landscapes. Visitors usually stay in Arba Minch, the closest village to the park. Lodges and accommodation options generally have swimming pools, bars, and restaurants.

There are a few campsites in the area that cater to the adventure lover.

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We use cookies to properly format the display and to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Wild Safari Guide The national park is not known for prolific wildlife , but rather for its remarkable landscapes and unique geography. Wildlife[ edit ] The park has a notable population of Grant’s gazelle Wildlife in the park include plains zebra , Grant’s gazelle , dik-dik , and the greater kudu as well as one of the last three populations of the endangered Swayne’s hartebeest , African leopard , Lion , African wild dog and Hippopotamus.