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National Park Netherlands

National Park Netherlands

In winter thousands of geese hibernate on Schiermonnikoog, while grassland birds like lapwings, redshank and oystercatchers are out in force in summer. You can visit two, Heuven and Beekhuizen on the Henrikhuizen-Veluwezoom walking route. Near the tidal flats, the area is windswept, rough and full of special species of plant and birds. All that shellfish attracts rich birdlife, while seals and harbour porpoises make their homes in the Oosterschelde.

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It is located in the heart of Friesland, on the border between Leeuwarden, Heereveen and Drachten. The landscape is highly versatile, consisting of lakes, swam forests, reed lands, peat holes and brushwoods. Also varied are the flora and fauna. You can find around different kinds of plants and breeding grounds for over kinds of birds. The area consists of a maze of rivers, with little islands and brooks. These swamp lands attract many small boats and canoes, that float through to admire the surroundings.

Drentse Aa – Drenthe The Drentse Aa is National Park Netherlands area following a meandering brook with flourishing natural banks. Its grounds were used as farmland for thousands of years, resulting in rich natural surroundings. It took a special new title of “national brook landscape”, and focused on the water banks, to classify. Later, its status as a national park expanded to the full area of The landscape is versatile, with wet dune valleys and dry hills and forests.

Rare beach birds, birds of prey and plants can be found here. It is grazed by two National Park Netherlands herds to provide natural upkeep of the area. The area is large and quiet, with various walking routes and a great view of the horizon. It is mainly known for its many species of birds and its rich history of peat farming. Throughout the area, the land is still scarred by the old peat farming activities. The area used to be connected to the Wadden Sea, until a dam was constructed due to flooding.

Now, it is a unique open landscape full of unusual flowers and special birds. It has been designated as a national park since Maasduinen – Limburg The Maasduinen are the longest stretch of river dunes in the Netherlands, and were formed by water, wind and people. The area is riddled with history. Ancient burial sites and a large urn field show proof of inhabitants in the Maasduinen as early as 4.

It was a battle field full of trenches during World War II, and it has a war monument that is still visited on memorial days. De Maasduinen still contain various castle ruins, and the lake Reindersmeer that was created through grit cultivation. Rare animals include species of snake, lizard, bird and bat. Meinweg – Limburg The Meinweg has a landscape National Park Netherlands is unique to the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, with terraces and valleys at different levels, that were formed by sedimentary erosion and the movement of tectonic plates.

Oosterschelde – Zeeland Oosterschelde is a gigantic pool of salt water just behind the dykes of Zeeland, filled with mud flats, salt meadows, gullies and shoals. The Oosterschelde Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt are a popular destination for migrating birds, seals and porpoises.

Schiermonnikoog – Friesland Wadden island Schiermonnikoog has a rich, natural environment of dunes and salt marshes. Near the tidal flats, the area is windswept, rough and full of special species of plant and birds. Utrechtse Heuvelrug – Utrecht The Utrechtse Heuvelrug Utrecht Ridge is full of special natural areas, as well as museums and eateries dedicated to the surroundings. It is an oasis of rest, nature and inspiring landscapes, where nobility used to build their castles and holiday residences in the olden days.

The local mix of nature and culture is apparent in picturesque villages and endless marshes and woods. Local wildlife includes deer, badgers, lizards and woodpeckers. You can also find proof of the earliest human habitation in the Netherlands. The hilly area consists of rugged woods, heathlands, drift sand and…

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The southern portion of the park, outside Arnhem, is taken up by sprawling country estates. Remnants of old settlements, sea villages and bunkers can still be found in the area, and the old estates, created during the Golden Age, still boast winter gardens, farmsteads, orchards, a sculpture yard. In the meadows are paddocks with Shetland ponies, some that you can pet.