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Who Is Often Called The father Of Our National Park System?

Who Is Often Called The father Of Our National Park System?

John Muir was 76 years old when he died in a Los Angeles hospital on December 24th, DW: Nature was the source of his religious feelings. Recalling his legacy, Theodore Roosevelt is now commemorated at six units of the National Park System. When his girls were young he took them on nature walks around the ranch, and as they grew older they accompanied him on Sierra Club outings and trips to the southwest.

John Muir: A Brief Biography

Glacier National Park In March

Until the age of eleven he attended the local schools of that small coastal town. Muir’s father was a harsh disciplinarian and worked his family from dawn to dusk. Whenever they were allowed a short period away from the plow and hoe, Muir and his younger brother would roam the fields and woods of the rich Wisconsin countryside. He also became an inventor, a carver of curious but practical mechanisms in wood. He made clocks that kept accurate time and created a wondrous device that tipped him out of bed before dawn.

InMuir took Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt inventions to the state fair at Madison, where he won admiration and prizes. Also that year he entered the University of Wisconsin. He made fine grades, but after three years left Madison to travel the northern United States and Canada, odd-jobbing his way through the yet unspoiled land.

Inwhile working at a carriage parts shop in Indianapolis, Muir suffered a blinding eye injury that would change his life. When he regained his sight one month later, Muir resolved to turn his eyes to the fields and woods. There began his years of wanderlust. He walked a thousand miles from Indianapolis to the Gulf of Mexico. From that moment on, though he would travel around the world, California became his home.

It was California’s Sierra Nevada and Yosemite that truly claimed him. Inhe walked across the San Joaquin Valley through waist-high wildflowers and into the high country for the first time. By he had found living glaciers in the Sierra and had conceived his then-controversial theory of the glaciation of Yosemite Valley.

He began to be known throughout the country. Beginning ina series of articles by Muir entitled “Studies in the Sierra” launched his successful career as a writer. He left the mountains and Who Is Often Called The father Of Our National Park System? for awhile in Oakland, California. From there he took many trips, including his first to Alaska inwhere he discovered Glacier Bay. Settling down to some measure of domestic life, Muir went into partnership with his father-in-law and managed the family fruit ranch with great success.

But ten years Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt active ranching did not quell Muir’s wanderlust. His readers, whether they be presidents, congressmen, or plain Who Is Often Called The father Of Our National Park System?, were inspired and often moved to action by the enthusiasm of Muir’s own unbounded love of nature.

Through a series of articles appearing in Century magazine, Muir drew attention to the devastation of mountain meadows and forests by sheep and cattle. With the help of Century ‘s associate editor, Robert Underwood JohnsonMuir worked to remedy this destruction. Johnson and others suggested to Muir that an association be formed to protect the newly created Yosemite National Park from the assaults of stockmen and others who would diminish its boundaries.

InMuir and a number of his supporters founded the Sierra Club to, in Muir’s words, “do something for wildness and make the mountains glad. InRoosevelt visited Muir in Yosemite. There, together, beneath the trees, they laid the foundation of Roosevelt’s innovative and notable conservation programs. Inafter years of effort, the battle was lost and the valley that Muir likened to Yosemite itself was doomed to become a reservoir to supply the water needs of a growing San Francisco.

The following year, after a short illness, Muir died in a Los Angeles hospital after visiting his daughter Wanda.

His words have heightened our perception of nature. His personal and determined involvement in the great…

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The National Park Service is honored to administer these park sites, and the many others Roosevelt made possible during his storied career as a conservationist. He had been visiting his daughter Helen and her family in Daggett when his cold developed into pneumonia. Roosevelt worked with his legislative branch to establish these sites:.