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Ojcow National Park

Ojcow National Park

There is a fantastic view point on its top. There is a unique microclimate in the gorge much colder than outside and a variety of unique plants grows between the rocks. Feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the pure, fresh air.

Ojców National Park

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Published: Well, an excellent choice for a holiday! In this case, there is no better time to visit Ojcow! It might be the smallest national park in Poland, but Ojcow National Park is definitely one of the biggest wonders of this country. As we know, parks play an essential role in education and developing the ecological consciousness of any society and children.

But they also serve us as places of leisure, for those Ojcow National Park weekend brakes from the city, for couples, solo travellers and families. Your experience starts before you even get there. Pro tip: take your bike, or perhaps rent one, and you can get there in no time thanks to the great road along the Vistula river. It might take a bit longer, but that also means your eyes can feast on the beautiful Polish countryside on the way there a little longer too.

If you are feeling lazy, and we all do sometimes, but still want to get there using a bike, there is always an option to rent out an electric bike or a scooter.

Feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the pure, fresh air. It is a remarkable, very fun experience. And if you want to take the public transport, it only takes 30 minutes to get there. Just catch an MPK bus, number The entrance is free, which is excellent for a national park, especially for one of this magnitude.

Miss the natural landscapes? The fauna at the park is fantastic, with over species of flowering plants there is a lot to admire. Ojcow National Park has an extraordinary biodiversity, you can find over species of flowering plants and species of birds. Many of the flowers are rare, and protected by the Polish law, examples of these include great horsetail sometimes referred to as northern great horsetail Ojcow National Park looks like something from another planet!

Or Silver Birch, a rare tree threatened by extinction classed as vulnerable by Red List If understandably, you want to see the beautiful flowers, spring is the time when you should aim to visit.

You will be able to enjoy the blossoming flowers. Lean in Ojcow National Park smell them, enjoy the wide spectrum of colours, and take a few close-up pictures, just please mind the bees, unfortunately their vacation has usually just ended at this time of the year.

It also serves as a great opportunity to bring your children along, and teach team about the different species of flowers. Additionally, the park is inhabited by over species of butterflies, which perfectly compliment the colourful fauna.

You have to trust us, we eat it that way for a reason. The park of castles. Renaissance Ojcow National Park and a late medieval one. Calling all castle lovers! After you have finished your cake you can venture into the castles. The first mention of the castle comes from a document published in the year Throughout over years, the castle witnessed many kings and changes.

This history is reflected in it, as each period and ruler brought some changes of its own to it. It is therefore a time capsule of Polish and European history and architecture. Although its beauty can be appreciated by anyone, history geeks will feel right at home. King Kazimierz the Great was the same king who welcomed the Jews into Krakow, and after whom they named the famous Jewish quarters, Kazimierz. This gothic castle will take you back in time.

Each season offers its own unique flavour and guarantees pictures which you can proudly frame and hang on your wall,

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There are species of birds such as hawks, woodpeckers, owls, kingfishers, and herons. Mammals include the beaver , badger , ermine , and 15 species of bats , many of which hibernate in the park’s caves during the winter. The best time for hiking is definitely between May and September, as during spring and summer you can experience the beautiful green scenery, while during autumn you can enjoy the romantic paths, decorated with a carpet of gold-red leafs.