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Russell Cave National Park

Russell Cave National Park

Clean restrooms and you can also watch a short video about the cave. The museum features artifacts and reproductions found in Russell Cave, and shows the lifeways and tools of prehistoric people who used the cave shelter. Given the location of the cave within the valley, it is probable that the entire area was a hunting ground even before the formation of the cave. Biology[ edit ] Studies of historical geology and paleobotany have shown that the flora and fauna of the Eastern Forest Region remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years.

A Cave Shelter Connection to the Past

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There are wheelchairs Russell Cave National Park for visitor use upon request. The boardwalk to the cave shelter is also wheelchair accessible. Russell Cave is a significant archaeological site that provides a record of thousands of years of human use. Native Americans from the Archaic period to the historic era occupied Russell Cave.

In the lowest levels of excavations at the cave, which date to approximately 6, years ago, archaeologists have found stone projectile points used for hunting as well as the charcoal remains of firepits.

Russell Cave has produced both stone arrow points and pottery sherds from Woodland Period approximately 3, to 1, years BCE. The museum features artifacts Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt reproductions found in Russell Cave, and shows the lifeways and tools of prehistoric people who used the cave shelter.

Daily ranger-led interpretive programs are offered every day at 11 a. It is situated in the northeast corner of Alabama, just south of the Tennessee state line.

Continue to follow US west crossing into Alabama. Turn slight right onto County Road Many visitors are drawn to the vibrant perennials, such as black-eyed susans and purple cone flowers. The North Alabama Birding Trail makes a winding 1. In addition, there is a picnic area in front of the visitor center Russell Cave National Park several tables in shady locations. Hours of operation are a. Central Standard Time.

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Due to the establishment of permanent settlements, locations such as Russell Cave were used only sporadically by Native Americans, usually as stopovers for hunting and trading parties. The peccary , also hunted by former occupants, is no longer found in this region. Artifacts from this period tend to be projectile points formed of stone quarried nearby and sharpened into points inside the cave. Weapons demonstrations include flintknapping to produce points arrowheads , use of the atlatl for spear throwing, and use of a bow and arrow.