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Russian National Park

Russian National Park

These places have been attractive from old times: on the bank of the Modlona River there are the remains of an ancient settlement site dated the third millennia B. There is also a unique lake called Zelenets with emerald-green water as a result of dissolved hydrogen sulfide. The territory of this National Park is covered with thick spruce forests among which 35 lakes of glacial origin are hidden.

The Beautiful National Parks in Russia

Glacier National Park Hiking Map

There are five touristic routes in the park where transport can be used. How to get there: Take a flight to Novokuznetsk 2, miles east of Moscow. The entrance fee is rubles, but you can also order additional guided tours. And of course, Lake Baikal – the deepest in the world — is located there. The Ushkanye Islands are where you will find the Baikal seal. How to get there: Take a flight to Ulan-Ude 3, miles east of Moscow.

Then take a mini-bus from the Uzhny bus station to the town of Ust-Barguzin a. To visit the park, you should get a permit at the visitor center.

Due to geological conditions, the plain forms an unique uplift surrounded by vast wetlands and taiga forest. How to get there: Take the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg, or Arkhangelsk to Nyandoma. Then you need to catch a bus to Kargopol and then a bus from Kargopol to Morschikhinskaya.

How to get there: The park is located on the Russia-Lithuanian Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt – Russian National Park state border control is right there.

Take a bus from Kaliningrad to Klaipeda check the schedule here and get off before 9. Among popular landmarks are Molodetsky Kurgan, Devichya Gora, and the huge rock of Visly Kamen hanging 80 meters above the water. How to get there: There are a lot of entrances to the park depending on the hiking route. You can get to Zhigulevsk from Samara by bus.

Valdai, Veliky Russian National Park The natural beauty of this park is Russian National Park real draw for tourists: The picturesque lakes of Valdai and Seliger, Valdai Hills, and forests of glacial origin. How to get there: Take a train from Moscow to Valdai or a bus from St.

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Ruskeala Mountain Park

Most Visited National Park

This park is known for its tall mountain ranges, huge vertical skerries, and many hovering around mystical legends. The park located partially in Karelia and partially in Arkhangelsk Region has got its name after Lake Vodlozero — one of the best fishing spots in Karelia. These places were depicted by famous Russian painter I. Getting there is possible only during a cruise tour.

Russian Arctic National Park

Russian Arctic National Park

They contain sites of particular ecological, historical and aesthetic value. To return the favor, I gave lectures about birds to tourists, when they asked. The total area of the national park — 1. I’d like to take this opportunity and thank QUARK Expeditions and Poseidon Arctic Voyages for providing assistance to our research team during the and seasons.

National parks of Russia

Yellowstone National Park Admission

What attractions can Russian Arctic National Park offer to tourists? Above all, the park’s pristine Arctic wildlife is its primary attraction. We have several endemic animal species here, and this is a scientific fact. Our waters are home to bowhead whales of the Svalbard Spitsbergen population, which are extremely rare in the northern Russian Arctic National Park. This is the only place where you can spot a narwhal in Russian waters, that is, if you’re lucky.

Anyone who is interested in walruses, ivory gulls, guillemots and kittiwakes can see them in our park and reserve. For those interested in the history and structure of the Earth, our islands are an open-air textbook on geomorphology and geology.

Our park has hardened lava flows, Russian Arctic National Park trees and mysterious sandstone balls that have a lot to teach us about the Earth’s ancient history… Many of them are unmatched and can be called geological monuments, such as the famous Rubini Rock, the Tegethoff Cape basaltic dykes and mysterious stone balls on Champ Island… These and many other geological sites are not only rich sources of information about ancient history, but are also truly beautiful and magnificent natural wonders.

The history of exploration of the islands and their indigenous culture is a draw in and of itself. The history of our islands goes back to the discovery and the development of the western sector of the Arctic from the 16th century to the present day.

Traces of a Dutch expedition led by Barents the remains of a winter cabin and a wooden boat on Novaya Zemlya in Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Ice Harbor are the national park’s oldest landmarks that can be dated back to a specific time.

The Golden Age of discoveries took place in the second half of the 19th -early 20th century. The Franz Josef Land Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, which later became a base for numerous polar expeditions, was discovered during an expedition to the North Pole in Those who love fresh air and vast expanses, and aren’t afraid of the cold, can have lots of fun in the park.

If you think of it as a graph, it would look like this: it went up until it reached a peak, then it dipped, and now growth is resuming. We have fairly representative statistics, with 25 years of tourism in Franz Josef Land. Things weren’t monitored much until the park administration was created. However, we can restore the picture in broad strokes. At least, we know the number of vessels that came here.

An icebreaker can carry people. If you look at the past 25 years, the statistics show Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt increase in the tourist flow to Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya, even though tourism is held back by border regulations and the need so far to call the Murmansk Port in order to pass border and customs control.

One thousand tourists during the season is the largest number of tourists we ever had here. That sounds impressive by Arctic standards. Yes, if you compare this to our Arctic territories.

Only Wrangel Island can compare with us. Svalbard has a markedly larger tourist flow, with about 15, tourists a year. But they have no visa requirements, and Svalbard is not a protected area. Indeed, protected areas occupy two-thirds of its territory, but one-third is a regular, not densely populated, but permanently populated area, with all the modern infrastructure, including towns, an airport, a seaport, hotels and anything else a tourist may want.


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The Franz Josef Land archipelago, which later became a base for numerous polar expeditions, was discovered during an expedition to the North Pole in Willoughby, who came out in from England, reached the southern end of Novaya Zemlya. Photo — A. Saxifraga oppositifolia Russian Arctic — Journey to the eightieth parallel From European explorers first visited the island was H.