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Rwenzori National Park

Rwenzori National Park

The past people called these ranges, the mountains of the Moon. Ihamba lakeside Safari Lodge. Climbing to the highest summit Margherita offers opportunities to marvel at the snow-capped peaks and alpine vegetation.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

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Reaching the top of the meter hill, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Mountains of the Moon and the glorious snow-capped Margherita Peak. Return to your accommodation for dinner and relaxation. Or you may decide to visit the neighboring villages of Ruboni with Ruboni Community Camp or Mihunga with Rwenzori Turaco View for a cultural tour including dance performances and the chance to buy local handcrafts.

The first day involves a long steady climb through montane forest and bamboo to a campsite at Kalalama in the heather zone. The route follows the Kamusoni river to a campsite at the base of the m Mutinda Towers outcrop. Above Mutinda, the trail traverses open moorland to reach a camp at the Lake Kopello viewpoint. A day of ups and downs skirts the flank of Mt Luigi da Savoia to reach a campsite beside a tributary of the Butawu valley.

An early start is Rwenzori National Park to climb to Freshfield Pass and Mount Baker before cloud obscures the views. Descend to Lake Kopello or Rwenzori National Park Camp. The climb finishes at Elena Hut m below the snowline of Mount Stanley. Day Five: The Big Day! Start before dawn for the chilly trek through snow and ice to climb to the m Margerita Peak, the roof of the Rwenzori, before the views and the route are obscured by mist.

The descent returns to Scott Elliot Pass and descends the deep Kitandara Gorge to a mountain hut by the twin Kitandara lakes m. Day Six: Begin with a steep climb to Freshfield Pass ma spectacular spot carpeted by bright yellow mosses and offering tremendous view of Mounts Stanley and Baker.

Hikers may overnight here to continue to the trailhead at Ruboni for greater comforts. Close this.

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Some visitors may consider the journey by road to be too long and go for the second option which is by using a chartered flight from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Kasese. The route follows the Kamusoni river to a campsite at the base of the m Mutinda Towers outcrop. The overall cost of hiking to the summit of the mountains includes the cost of 2 porters, guides, a cook, rescue mission, accommodation and heating.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The protected area was extended in by Virunga National Park, which encompassed the Virunga Mountains , parts of the Rutshuru Territory and the plains south of Lake Edward. No safari in Africa compares to this. Witness the magnificent elephant families in Amboseli Park marching across the plain, in the shadow of towering Mt. In the case of multinational or multi-regional sites, the names are sorted alphabetically.

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The immense spaces of East Africa beckon with their animal-rich savannahs, snow-capped mountains, and beguiling ancient cultures. This is a spectacular natural world just waiting for your discovery. Lions, leopards, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, elephants, gorillas, chimps and monkeys — they are all here in unending abundance. Our wildlife parks specialize in sightings of your favorites.

When you think of Africa with its vast wildlife, its broad Savannah, snow-capped mountains and deep forests…you are picturing the land of Kenya.

This is where time began, where we feel a primal need to return and discover our beginnings. Kenya is the heart and soul of Africa — witness its great populations of Maasai and Rwenzori Mountains National Park peoples — still so close to the earth, still living their timeless traditions. Kenya is where you can delight to great herds of wildebeests and zebras, elephants and giraffes. Here too, you can witness electrifying sightings of lion and leopard hunting their prey.

No one who has witnessed these primal forces of nature has ever forgotten its emotional hold. With its many inviting lodges and expert guides, friendly people and developed infrastructure, Kenya holds out its arms, welcoming visitors from around the world. We at Natural World Kenya Safaris live this creed of respect and love for Rwenzori Mountains National Park sacred land.

And we want to share this special world with you. Find below a listing of our many tour categories below. Witness the magnificent elephant families in Amboseli Park marching across the plain, in the shadow of towering Mt. These two East African safari nations and their many wildlife parks are the perfect destinations for your safari Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

From the big cats to the millions of hoofed grazers to every kind of primate, these grasslands, savannahs, and deep forests of Kenya and Tanzania Rwenzori Mountains National Park adventure seekers infinite varieties of wildlife adventure.

Tanzania is home to the 8th wonder of the World-the Ngongorongoro crater together with the Serengeti national park which hosts the highest number of wild animals in the World. Smaller and yet unique national parks of Lake ManyaraTarangireArusha and others are also found in Tanzania.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is named in honor of the Maasai people who inhabit its vast areas of natural beauty and abundant wildlife. They live in harmony with the wildlife and nature!

It is not just an interesting tourist destination in Kenya; it is among the main reasons to visit Kenya and the region. The Mara ecosystem hosts the highest concentration of wild animals per square km than any other park in the region. Leopards, lions and cheetahs can also be observed in the area. The untouched landscape is perfect for wildlife to flourish and human numbers given access to the area is limited. All this combined makes safari excursions to the Masai Mara National Reserve an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

Here at Natural World Kenya Safaris we provide a selection of Masai Mara drive — in and fly — in safari tour excursions that vary in duration, accommodation options and amenities and include visits to the Masai Mara National Reserve. Our friendly tour driver guides have vast knowledge and experience of the area which allows them to navigate the area and give you the best seats in the house. Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tours Imagine trekking Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the misty rainforest and suddenly encountering a family of these shy but imposing primates.

No safari in Africa compares to this. Natural World Kenya Rwenzori Mountains National Park is pleased to announce its new collection…

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It will also help in identifying illegal activity hotspots, enable real-time reporting of encounters in the park-like new and endangered species of wildlife, and support the easy generation of monitoring reports by rangers. In , Derscheid headed the first Belgian mission to cartograph Albert National Park, which encompassed an area of km2 sq mi around the extinct volcanoes Mount Karisimbi and Mount Mikeno. Witness the magnificent elephant families in Amboseli Park marching across the plain, in the shadow of towering Mt.