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A Study By The National Park Service Revealed

A Study By The National Park Service Revealed

Sponsored by schools, Scouts, and private agencies, young people are starting out in increasing numbers to learn at first hand about their country, its people, and their problems. Facilities of this type located on public areas should be kept open to use by all groups on an equal basis and without regard to affiliation with any one organization. For those agencies desiring to carry out a program of primitive camping, camp sites designed for groups of approximately 25 campers should be provided.

A study by the National park Service revealed that 65% of vacationers going to the Rocky Mountain

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Generally they have had a twofold purpose in mind. They have sought to preserve exceptionally fine scenic resources for future generations, and to make these resources available for the enjoyment of the present generation. This policy, as it affects the use of national parks, is summarized in the Administrative Chapter.

Briefly, it states that, considering recreation in its broadest sense, the field of national parks is limited. The parks cannot attempt to provide recreational facilities of every type. Justifiable forms are those to which the aesthetic values of nature contribute an essential or vital part of the enjoyment.

State park policies, also discussed under administration, vary as between States, but in general subscribe to preservation as a wise principle while acknowledging the need to serve a wider range of interests than is practicable in national parks.

Figure 6. There are, however, certain activities which gain in enjoyment when offered in a natural setting; others require such a setting. Probably the best way of gauging the importance of various outdoor recreational pursuits is to review the programs of recreational agencies in this field. Studies made during the past few years by the National Park Service, in cooperation with administering agencies, on attendance and use at State and local parks, reports on the uses being made of national parks and national forests, augmented by a A Study By The National Park Service Revealed of recreational preferences of park visitors, offer excellent sources of information on this subject.

Figure 8. All of these studies reveal a surprising national uniformity in the range of outdoor interests and in the popularity of the various forms of outdoor recreation.

In practically every report the same group of activities appears. Touring or sightseeing, fishing, picnicking, and swimming generally head the list of favorities, with camping, hiking, boating, nature study, sports and games, and horseback riding following somewhat in that order in respect to popularity. Figure 9. If records of expressed interest and of participation are an indication of popularity, touring and sightseeing may well be termed America’s favorite forms of recreation.

The desire to see things sends millions out on the highways each year. Many of this number spend their weekends and vacations traveling, stopping at one place for a few hours or a few days, then pressing on to other points. The allure of far horizons keeps them moving. They swarm to the mountains, seashores, lakes, National Parks and National Forests, to historic sites and State parks. In the winter they go south, giving Florida, the Gulf Coast and California a tourist business that has been estimated in the billions.

In the summer they tend to reverse the direction, heading into New England, the Great Lakes region, the Pacific Northwest and mountain sections of the country to spend another billion or so dollars.

While many purposes motivate such travel, a study of the records indicates that a large part of it is based on a desire to see the country and its natural beauties and wonders. Figure Next to sightseeing, picnicking attracts the widest participation among outdoor activities. While he is on a picnic, he may do anything from playing catch to climbing a mountain, but to him that is all a part of the picnic. He Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt wants to play games, particularly if he is with a group, and therefore likes some open space near at hand.

He is also fond of swimming, and for this reason likes to spread his lunch as close to the beach as possible. The average for southern parks, and for local parks…

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He may translate this inspiration into design either in his own or the neighborhood craftshop. Some of these buildings should be designed for year-round use. New interest and activity in this field are evident in all parts of the country, and with these has come a better understanding of the opportunities camping offers for recreation, education and the conservation of human resources. Figure 8.