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Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park

A number of picnic areas can be found around the park, with curio shops in operation at various top spots. Silver trees Leucadendron argenteum growing in Peninsula Granite Fynbos in Table Mountain National Park This area forms part of the Cape Floristic Region and as such supports a high diversity of flora, much of which is rare and endemic. SANParks Podcasts.

Table Mountain

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But this mountain hides many surprises that wait to be discovered. There are about 2, species of plants found on Table Mountain and floral species. Many of these plants and flowers are endemic to this mountain.

The magnificent Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are found on the eastern foot of the mountain. Founded Table Mountain National Parkthe garden that spans an area of acres includes a unique conservatory with plants from different parts of the world. Besides the parks, the whole area has a biodiversity that is rare to find in Table Mountain National Park places on earth.

Its many valleys and streams make it an idyllic getaway from Cape Town. The Cape Floral region of the national park is one of the richest floral regions in the world. It is no wonder that the mountain was chosen as one of the new seven world wonders. Its fauna is no less thrilling either. Although animals such as the cape lion, mountain zebra or the leopard are no longer found here, the park is still home to caracals, rock hyraxes or chacma baboons.

At the Boulders, penguins flock all over the place, a unique sight in Africa.

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For the other open access points to these Silvermine trails 6 access points , entry is still permitted from sunrise, exit by sunset. We do not accept photocopies or scanned copies. The park’s current programme is to allow for the re-growth of the indigenous forests , while slowly removing the plantations of invasive trees.