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Santa Marta Colombia Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta Colombia Tayrona National Park

Learn Some Spanish Colombia is a Spanish speaking country. Ya tu sabes. And sticky situations in Colombia can easily become life or death. Colombia is a dangerous country, but many areas offer similar levels of safety as big cities in the United States.

Is Colombia Safe? | Gringo’s Travel Guide

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Personally, I believe the biggest danger the average tourist faces in Colombia is Scopolamine. The stuff is scary. You start drinking and then you spot a cute girl. She looks back at you and gives you a smile. You buy another round of drinks. And then… You wake up the next morning in your apartment. Neither is your cell phone, laptop, bank cards, and camera.

You were drugged. Scopolamine got the best of you. You take a few sips and it hits you quickly. The girl who was all over you. Your friends think you got lucky. Sounds scary, right? It is.

One you Santa Marta Colombia Tayrona National Park to be paying attention to every single night you go out to the bars or clubs.

Make sure bartenders open beer bottles and liquor bottles in front of you. They stole his PayPal, Gmail, and bank accounts…along with all his physical items. This is bad, bad news. Colombia is a dangerous country, but many areas offer similar levels Santa Marta Colombia Tayrona National Park safety as big cities in the United States. Ya tu sabes. I know it can be dangerous here. I also know you can minimize risks of danger with a few simple precautions.

Each of these zones are upper class and offer a decent level of safety. I prefer apartments over hotels in Colombia, as Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt offer a greater level of privacy while being significantly cheaper than a hotel with similar amenities.

And sticky situations in Colombia can easily become life or death. Is Colombia dangerous? Avoiding drugs and prostitutes will help to ensure you stay safe in Colombia.

Learn Some Spanish Colombia is a Spanish speaking country. Try to Blend In Make an effort to blend into the local culture a little bit. I typically roll around in an outfit like this:.

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One you have to be paying attention to every single night you go out to the bars or clubs. Sounds scary, right? Your friends think you got lucky.

Tayrona National Park And The Lost City

Tayrona National Park And The Lost City

Located on the Rio de la Plata on the Argentinian coast, the city is noted for its cosmopolitan flair. The park also is home to Lake Argentino, the largest in the country. Villages are a good place to buy local handcrafts. The festivities kick off with La Batalla de Flores, or the Battle of the Flowers, where parade floats are decorated with flowers in magnificent and colorful designs.

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When in need of adventure, the Campo Aventura Roca Madre Park offers rappel, canopy, and climbing experiences along the tropical forest, where over species of native flora and fauna have been identified. This, the highest coastal mountain in the world, is so culturally and ecologically diverse it deserves a section of its own on our itinerary. Hostels for all budgets and preferences are available in the area, along with plenty of local tour guides waiting to bring you on a deep exploration of this tremendously eco-diverse territory where coffee and cocoa are grown.

Be sure to add a visit to a local organic farm to your itinerary too. Built by the Tayronas, a joining of several Indigenous groups, the city is known as Teyuna by local Kogui, Arhuaco, and Wiwa Tayrona National Park And The Lost City — the descendants of the Tayrona people. Local companies offer 4 to 6 days Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt tours to the Lost City, a tremendous opportunity to dive deeper into the Sierra Nevada, the history of the territory, and the tremendous Tayrona National Park And The Lost City colonization has taken over it.

Palomino Finish your road trip with a bang by visiting Palomino, a small but tremendously lively village enclosed between two rivers, the Caribbean sea, and the Sierra Nevada. Here, Indigenous communities, other locals, and travelers from all over the world converge anywhere musicians decide to start a cumbiamba — a street party everyone can join to dance cumbia, bullerengue, porro, and other traditional musical expressions.

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The undergrowth is very dense and host to a wide variety of parasitic and epiphytic plants. A must-see here is the Recoleta, a residential neighborhood known for its history. Then, in the 16th century, it was conquered by the Spanish, who pretty much decimated the Incas. The animals are like no other place on earth, and include giant tortoises and scary-looking iguanas.

Tayrona National Park Accommodation

Tayrona National Park Accommodation

How to make your reservation and payment to enter Tayrona Park during the months of December and January To visit this protected area, you must first make the reservation and then enter the liquidated value, since the Park has an established capacity per day limited number of people entering the area. It is forbidden to take alcoholic drings nor plastic bags. Once you have entered the page, you must identify the Tayrona National Natural Park and the date of admission.

Tayrona National Park Hotels

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The hotel is located a few minutes from Tayrona Park, and is recognized for its location since it is located on a large rock a few meters from the sea and the river. The hotel doesn’t count with views to the sea, but the location is ideal for persons Tayrona National Park Accommodation likes to walk and enjoy the Tayrona National Park. The hotel counts with restaurant service. To get there it’s needed a walk of about 45 minutes to get to Arrecifes. And at only 5 minutes from the main entrance of the park.

It is the best accommodation inside the parkit counts with restaurant, jacuzzis, spa and an area allowed for bathing without risk. It is ideal to enjoy the nature without lose any commodities. You can reach directly by car so it’s not needed to walk to get there. The hotel has 6 rooms, some of which have views of the sea and the mouth of the river. The Tayrona National Park Accommodation is surrounded by nature and has direct access to the beach of the orange trees.

Senda Koguiwa has 21 Tayrona National Park Accommodation all with their private bathroom and balcony. The hotel is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and in its facilities you can enjoy a duck lake. The cabins are built with materials such as wood and bamboo. No, gracias.

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Once you have entered the page, you must identify the Tayrona National Natural Park and the date of admission. Likewise, we clarify that, the value settled by the application corresponds only to the rights of entry to the protected area, therefore, this value does not include insurance or ecotourism services. Apart there are other accommodations within the Tayrona park that stand out for its special location and features. The hotel doesn’t count with views to the sea, but the location is ideal for persons who likes to walk and enjoy the Tayrona National Park.

Tayrona National Park Colombia

Tayrona National Park Colombia

This is due to many readers asking about several of these things to do in Colombia. This unique hostel is nestled in the Colombian jungle alongside the Buritaca river. From this car parking area, you can rent a horse or hike the 3. The Tayrona park is located at about 34 kms from the city of Santa Marta, in Colombia.

Parque Tayrona: A Guide to Tayrona National Natural Park

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The park open time is from a. It is better to reserve in advance. The capacity of the park is 6. Get information before, of the place where you can bath and swim or it is forbidden. Bathing in the sea is considered only until p. It is recommend to have the yellow fever vaccine.

The ambiental education talk is mandatory. Respect all the time for using the showers and use the water properly. Inside the park there are some sacred sites in the 4 indigenous towns of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which are signed and the income is forbidden. Parking in the camping area is forbiden. When taking a bota, be sure in advance, it has lifesaver. It is not permitted: plastic bags, musical instruments, Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, alcoholic drinks, drugs, guns or weapons, surf boards, make fire, throw cigars, burn rubbish, cut trees or capture animals.

If you are going to rent a guide, be sure that is official for this activity. When getting out the protected area, you must take your garbage with you.

Not respecting this goes against the landscapes and can produce illness for fauna and wild flora. Inthe 15, terrestrial hectares and 4, marinas were declared a natural park due to the great biological and archaeological value that they hold. The dry forest of the park exhibits between half and a Tayrona National Park Colombia of the plants, in comparison with the humid forests.

The National flower is the orchid that is found in this area Caribbean This Park is characterized by its tropical landscape, coral formations, white beaches, rocky coastline, mangroves and lagoons. Fauna in Tayrona Park Tayrona National Park Colombia Tayrona National Natural Park is habitat for a great diversity of fauna species, as several groups of mammals and of these five 5 species of cats have been listed for Tayrona National Park Colombia area: The Jaguar, the Ocelot, the Tigrillo and the famous Puma.

Apart from the forty species of bats, a total of 59 species of mammals are reported, including the nocturnal monkey, the maic monkey, the sloth, the armadillo, the red deer, the anteater, and five species of mammals.

Among the reptiles are four species of sea turtles and the snake Boa constrictor. Lately, the presence of the needle cayman has been reported, being the Tayrona National Park one of the few populations present in the Colombian Caribbean. It is important the great diversity of marine species of the park, as molluscs, crustaceans, algae and corals, among others. The first is a set of small streams that flow into the Caribbean Sea.

In the direction of the east, the flow increases gradually and becomes permanent.

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Visitors can also bring their own tent and pay to rent the space for it. This hostel is wildly popular with backpackers and was voted the best hostel in Colombia. There are multiple ways to get to the entrance to Tayrona National Park from Santa Marta: Bus from Santa Marta — the bus takes 45 minutes to an hour and reportedly costs 7, pesos.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park

You will receive a wristband as proof of purchase. I stayed for 2 days, but I could have easily stayed longer. The weather is always pretty good on the Caribbean coast, but it tends to be the busiest in January and February.

Your Ultimate Guide to Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

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Ok, it literally IS a walk in the park, but many people are taken aback by how busy it can be, how much it can cost or be a little confused about what a visit to Tayrona National Park actually entails. Why Visit Tayrona National Park? Colombians absolutely love their Tayrona National Park in December and January, and a few nights at Tayrona is a very popular choice. During these high season months Tayrona will be at its fullest, possibly at capacity.

However, many of you may have heard that Tayrona park closed completely in February and ? The main reason is to allow the various ecosystems, flora, and fauna within the park to rest and replenish, particularly after those high season December and January crowds have taken their toll.

A second reason is to allow the four indigenous groups – who have always called the park and the wider Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta home – to perform traditional cleaning rituals and ceremonies. We think this is an excellent and necessary initiative and hope it continues to be safeguarded in the face of rising tourism demand in Colombia. For the traveller, it does however mean that you will not be able to step foot in Tayrona National Park in February, and the closure has previously included the last few days in January too usually from the 28th.

Tayrona Park Opening Times The entry gate is open from a. Tayrona is closed in February. Update February A reader has informed us the last entry time is currently 12 p. The key to doing Tayrona well is to arrive early at the park entrance between 8 a.

They have departures every 30 minutes starting at approx. Even though the bus is likely to be full of gringos, just confirm with the driver that you want to be dropped off at the Tayrona entrance sometimes referred to as El Zaino. The speedboats leave from the beach between 10 a. Just try to keep your stuff dry on the way though!

Boats return from 4 – 4. We stayed the night at La Brisa Tranquila but we actually had our hearts set on Tayrona Tented Lodgesbut it was sold outleft our bags and valuables there in lockers, then took a private moto-taxi in the morning from the hostel door to the Tayrona entrance. This meant we arrived at the entrance well before 8 a.

Another popular option to stay at for a couple of nights before or after Tayrona is El Rio Hostelwhich has won various awards, but is a little further down the road. Cost 12, COP per person updated Time 15 minutes Bus from Palomino The final option is to have a few days or a week hanging out in the backpacker beach town of Palominoand then take the morning bus from there to the entrance.

However, depending on your direction of travel, many of you may end up going to Palomino after your time in Tayrona. Find out information on the bus from Palomino and what to do there in our Palomino guide. In fact, on our first trip to Colombia in when we were on a really tight budget, we decided not to visit Tayrona and instead put the cash towards an adventure to La Guajira.

Doors open at 8 a. It is also now possible to buy Tayrona tickets online in advance on the official Tayrona website. You will receive a wristband as proof of purchase. Tickets for Colombians are much cheaper at 25, COP.

Children under 4 years old enter for free. What are the Best Beaches…

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And oh yes, unlike Tayrona Park, you can swim in the Carribean Sea! If this is your first time on Along Dusty Roads, then we should note at this point that we have travelled Latin America for 2. So, I decided to change my mind and opt for a tent. There is nothing spectacular on the road and you will save about an hour of your time!