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Teepee Glacier National Park

Teepee Glacier National Park

Glacier is a wonderful place to visit. Would do this again! There are also a couple of cute small cabins available if you must be indoors.

Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Campground, Browning

Mealy Mountains National Park

Christina W wrote a review Apr 3 contributions1 helpful vote Disappointed My mother and I stayed here for one night. I missed check-in by 10 minutes. We were not greeted upon arrival despite my call to warn them of our 10 minute delay.

I knocked on their door. A very rude woman answered and we would have left except my mother was too tired from a day of hiking.

We went to our teepee and the sleeping bag was such bad quality I thought I would get hypothermia in the night. However, the fire did not last long because they only gave us 3 matches.

My Mom twisted her ankle in route to the bathroom during the night. I carried her to the teepee. I asked for a flashlight and was provided a broken one. Woke up at sunrise with a rodent on my face. We left. Had a terrible experience, if it’s raining heavily and no one will be there to assist or the management didn’t take care of minimum things.

What an amazing experience this was! We were visiting with three other families each family had their own Tipi. Kids ranged from 8 yrs old to 13 yrs old.

Everyone had the best time! Making reservations with Daryl over the phone was very easy. We arrived and Daryl was there to greet us and show us around. He kept the gallery open past operating hours as we arrived late – it was very nice of him to do that. The restrooms consist of two toilet stalls and two shower stalls as well as two sinks.

The fire Teepee Glacier National Park in the tipi was a really fun and unique experience and kept all of us plenty warm. This experience cannot be replicated. I disliked reading the negative Teepee Glacier National Park on here after visiting because I cannot think of a single negative thing to say. It was definitely camping in the sense that we slept on grass with a tarp and sleeping bags in a tipi. But that was exactly what we expected and hoped for.

There are also a couple of cute small cabins available if you must be indoors. All in all this was a highlight for all four Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt during a 2 week RV road trip from Northern California. Our children will never forget this and neither will we. I hope we can return and stay again another time. The couple was very accommodating.

The bath house and bathroom was very clean. It minimizes the whole outdoorsy Teepee Glacier National Park.

Camp Amenities

Yellowstone National Park Issues

There are very nice grills. As the balanced rock comes into view, so does a spire which looks and is higher. We arrived and Daryl was there to greet us and show us around.