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Sequoia National Park Drive Thru Tree

Sequoia National Park Drive Thru Tree

There are five free admission days: the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our expectations of national parks have changed immensely during the past half century. Need to Know Before you Go Make sure to arrive early to beat the crowds Visit the massive General Sherman Tree first Be wary of deer when driving through the foothills Try to have dinner in Three Rivers — great food and a river view! When it fell, the tree stood feet high

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Famous for a “drive-thru” hole carved into its trunk, the giant sequoia was toppled over by a massive storm Sunday. The tree came crashing down on Sunday, Jan. The tree was toppled over by a massive storm Sunday, Jan. Brown thought she had entered a land of giants as she walked underneath and around the ancient foot-tall tree, which was toppled by a massive storm on Sunday.

Four generations of Brown’s family have spent countless hours at the tree and often took out-of-town visitors there, some from as far away as Turkey. In Mayshe and her husband showed off the tree to John and Lesley Ripper, a Michigan couple the Browns befriended on an African safari. But that particular tree and being able to walk underneath it and touch it was quite a memorable moment and something I won’t soon forget.

The dead giant. So it’s a bummer to see it go,” he said. The tunnel that Sequoia National Park Drive Thru Tree the tree famous and ultimately weakened it was carved into its trunk in the s to allow tourists to pass through, first with horses and buggies and later with cars. The tunnel was limited to pedestrians in recent decades. The largest tree species in the world, sequoias can reach diameters up to 27 feet and have shallow root systems that make them vulnerable to toppling.

The drive-thru tree had a diameter of 22 feet and was about 2, years old, said Tony Tealdi, a supervising ranger at California State Parks.

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NPS Photo Where is the tree you can drive through? This question is asked thousands of times each year by visitors to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Knowing that it grows the mass of a regular sized tree each year really put things into perspective on how truly enormous it is.