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Bandipur National Park Safari Timings

Bandipur National Park Safari Timings

The summer is mildly hot in this region. People trek to the peak to get a panoramic view of the park. A guide is mandatory for those who want to take up trekking.

Bandipur National Park

Garden Of Eden Arches National Park

This park is famous for its wildlife riches. The park covers square km, which covers many endangered species of animals and flora. This reserve is the largest protected area in South India and the region with highest number of wild elephants in South Asia.

The park is located on the Mysore — Ooty highways. This keeps the park on the route that is covered by numerous tourists, every year. The park has considerable amount of tigers and elephants. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu control this park together. The Tamil Nadu side of the park is called as Mudhumalai reserve. This park suits people who love nature, photography and adventure.

Many adventure activities are available within the park. Many resorts and lodges near the park provide packages that include Bandipur National Park Safari Timings activities inside the park that are not usually available to all visitors. East— This region is comprised of major forest area and scrub jungle.

The forest area of the park contains dry deciduous trees and moist deciduous trees. The shurblands of the park is filled with many flowering plants. Best place for birdwatching. Spotting carnivorous animals is easier here. Central region — This region has Nugu River which is famous for spotting animals.

HimavadGopalaswamy Betta summit is located in this region. This is the highest summit in the park. This summit is famous among trekkers and pilgrims.

People trek to the peak to get a panoramic view of the park. There is a Hindu temple in the summit. Sandalwood trees are found here. Elephants are common near the hill due to presence of many watering holes. North West — This region is famous for Kabini reservoir. It is a major water source in the park. This is the spot to find animals during summer. The forest region in this area is dominated by dry deciduous forest and tropical forest.

The place will be lush during monsoon season. South — Moyar River runs in this region. This is the best spot to find many animals. Deers, elephants, bison, squirrels, jungle cat and other animals are found in this region. North — This region covers the river and backwater of Kabini.

Two streams are also found in Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt region. Boating and birdwatching are common in this region. When the river dries up in the summer, birds can be spotted in large groups.

You can spot many fishes too. Bicycle tours are available in this region. Flora of Bandipur National Park The forest region of the park is filled with teak, rosewood, sandalwood, Indian kino tree, Indian laurel, clumping bamboo and giant clumping bamboo. Top flowering and fruit trees to spot are axle wood, black cutch, indigo berry, golden shower tree, black myrobalan, flame of the forest, kadam tree, Indian gooseberry and others.

Tamarind, mango and other common trees are also found here. Fauna of Bandipur National Park The Bandipur national park is famous for spotting elephants and tigers. Apart from these, top mammals to spot here are bonner macaque, dhole, civet, jungle cat, Indian palm, giant flying squirrel, striped hyena, rusty-spotted cat, Nilgiritahr, leopard, Hanuman langur, cat leopard, four horned antelope, Indian hare red and others.

Birdwatching is an important activity here. Top birds found in this park are peafowl, junglefowl, drongos, redheaded vultures, flowerpeckers, Indian rollers, creasted serpent eagles, bee-eaters, hawk eagles, kingfishers, ospreys and others. The breeding season of birds, start right before the monsoon season.

Top reptiles to spot here are Indian rock python, Indian pond terrapin, flying lizard, mugger, monitor lizard, rat snake and others.

Common butterflies to spot…

Flora of Bandipur National Park

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This is the spot to find animals during summer. This is the best spot to find many animals. The road route via Mandyaand Ramanagar is in good condition with four-lane road. Nearest railway station is located in Mysore which is just 80 km away from the city.