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Los Tres Ojos National Park

Los Tres Ojos National Park

It has been low and the boat ramp may be closed. There may be some open water for bank fishing. During the winter, the Pecos River is stocked with rainbow trout at Villanueva State Park, which is open. Vegetation varies from tropical at the lower elevations on the eastern face to alpine forests in the higher elevations.

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Reservoir water levels remain extremely low and will not be able to provide much relief. Maxwell Lake 13 on the Maxwell Lakes National Wildlife Refuge was drained practically dry last fall and will need to be restocked. A very Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt and productive lake when water conditions are favorable, hopefully it will rebound. Clayton Lake will reopen March 1, but it could be icy given the frigid temperatures that the town of Clayton experienced a week ago.

It has been low and the boat ramp may be closed. This lake is well-stocked with rainbow trout and holds some big walleye. The state-record Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt over 16 pounds was caught here. Call Clayton Lake State Park for current conditions at: Just the lower lake offers fishing.

It is stocked with rainbow trout and has some bigger, holdover trout. There are also yellow perch here. Ice fishing opportunities are limited as both Fenton Lake and Eagle Nest Lake remain closed to ice fishing.

No overnight camping yet. It was closed to ice fishing Feb. As of Monday, it was still closed. Fenton Lake is stocked throughout the winter. Conditions at this lake could improve and it could reopen to ice fishing. Fenton also has wild brown trout and you might catch a Rio Grande cutthroat trout from an earlier stocking.

Call As of Monday it remained closed. Temperatures at Eagle Nest fall to well-below freezing at night and often below zero, so the possibility of this lake refreezing are good. Rainbow trout, yellow perch and northern pike are the species that can be caught, with an occasional kokanee salmon. The Los Tres Ojos National Park for trout and perch had been good. Some big pike were landed. Heron Lake State Park is open.

Recent photos show that Heron Lake is frozen over. It opened for ice fishing Jan. The kokanee salmon snagging season is over. The best fishing will be for rainbow trout with the possibility of catching a lake trout. Caution is advised when ice fishing. El Vado Lake State Park is closed for the season.

Ice fishing is now closed at El Vado Lake. Sugarite Canyon State Park near Raton is open daily. Lake Alice is closed to ice fishing.

Lake Maloya is open for ice fishing. Please exercise extreme caution while ice fishing. Lake Alice is a small lake and the fishing is Los Tres Ojos National Park for recently-stocked rainbow trout. Lake Maloya is much larger and is capable of producing larger, holdover trout. It is well-stocked.

The fishing at Lake Maloya has been fair—to-good. It was stocked Jan. It reopened Jan. Ice fishing is not allowed here. Fishing has been reported as slow.

Catfish are likely your best bet. The boat ramp is open. Tickets and reservations may be made at www. They are not sold at the lake. The Tetilla Peak Recreation Area is closed. It was last stocked Dec. Ice has formed Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt this lake and recent photos show plenty of ice on the lake, likely making for difficult if not impossible fishing.

No reports on Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt ice-fishing activity. The ice here is likely to thin to allow for ice fishing. Laguna del Campo near Los Ojos is closed. They are catching rainbow trout through the ice. Santa Cruz Lake near Chimayo is currently closed.

It will be open Thursday-Sunday. The fishing can be good here in the winter. There should be some open water here for bank fishing….

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For updated conditions, check the Bureau of Land Management website. The fishing here is catch-and-release with flies and lures having a single, barbless hook. During the winter, the Pecos River is stocked with rainbow trout at Villanueva State Park, which is open. A third name, Poyauhtecatl, which means “the one that colours or illuminates”, has also been recorded.