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Triglav National Park Weather

Triglav National Park Weather

Two thirds of park rangers also perform the tasks of hunting guards. However, the Municipality of Bovec has recently adopted a Decree on the traffic regime for campers and the parking regime applicable to camper parking sites. To access the dive site, use the existing paths and roads to the Zmuklica entry-exit point, which is suitable for boating activities.

Guide to Triglav National Park, Slovenia

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Cold winters and short summers. The Triglav National Park has an Alpine climate, with cold winters and short summers. Air temperature decreases with increasing altitude. Location exposure is Triglav National Park Weather major climate factor.

This difference is greatest in the cold part of the year. Temperature extremes The highest mean annual temperatures are in July and the lowest in January; only at elevations between and m and higher air temperatures are highest in August and Triglav National Park Weather in February.

The coldest month temperatures fall between 0. The diverse relief contains a high number of wind-protected valleys and basins, which provide ideal conditions for the creation of temperature inversion and cold air lakes in the cold part of the year. Bowl-shaped basins that prevent cold air from escaping are often obstructed by fog and low cloudiness, which considerably reduce the length of sun radiation.

Rich in precipitation The national park abounds in precipitation. The annual precipitation average rises with altitude and exceeds a copious mm. In the majority of the area, precipitation figures exceed mm and reach the highest value measured at mm Dom na Komni.

On the average, precipitation occurs Tolmin to Kredarica days of the year minimum amount of precipitation 0. It is not uncommon for the daily precipitation to push over mm; the highest daily precipitation quantity was measured in Bovec mm.

Snow cover Snow depends on temperature conditions. Dom na Komni records days of snow cover, and on Kredarica the number rises to The highest thickness of snow cover was measured on Kredarica, at m.

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Despite its name, there are actually ten lakes in the valley. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions temperature, precipitation, sunshine and wind. The source of the emerald green river Soca is here, and there is a 20km walking trail that will take you to Bovec. Triglav National Park gained its name from the highest peak, Triglav.

Triglav National Park Camping

Triglav National Park Camping

I also confirm that I have been acquainted with my rights related to the personal data provided. Mushroom picking is subject to several rules, prohibitions and restrictions which are to be closely followed. On the basis of the consent obtained from the national park managing authority, the use of UAVs is permitted only for the purpose of: scientific and research activities, land surveying, and recording of films, videos and documentaries. How can i get to the park using public transport?

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How can i get to the park using public transport? The list of mountain huts in the Triglav National Park, their opening times and telephone numbers, can be found on the website of the Alpine Association of Slovenia AAS. The AAS recommends guests to bring their own bed linen. Is camping in the park allowed? Camping outside specially designated areas is not allowed. How to plan a safe mountain tour? The following instructions are intended for visitors who do not know the Julian Alps well, and to those who have little or Triglav National Park Camping mountaineering experience.

This world of high mountains is governed by conditions which differ sometimes greatly from the conditions in the valley. Conquering high mountains requires good physical conditions and, above all, skill, neither of which can be acquired overnight. The mountains are also full of life forms adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountain world. We wish you many exciting mountain tours and a wealth of unforgettable memories. Selecting a mountain tour with regard to the time of year: Summer — long, warm and even hot days with sudden weather changes.

Sudden cold fronts bring storms wind, rain, lightning, considerable temperature drops. In high mountains, snow patches that a mountaineer needs to know how to overcome stay far into summer, the risk of falling stones is high, caused by visitors, wind, or animals. Autumn — days are getting shorter and colder, but the thunderstorm risk is lower.

Sudden chills are common, causing weather to change into winter conditions in a very short time. Ground is wet in shadowy locations. You can slip easily even wearing top quality mountaineering boots. Winter — very short days. Nights are freezing cold. Snow cover increases the risk of avalanches and slips, snow and fog impair visibility and cause orientation problems.

Spring — mountains are under a thick snow cover changing its characteristics during the day: the snow is frozen and hard in the morning slips and heavy and wet in the afternoon avalanches. Despite occasional summer temperatures, winter weather conditions with snow and fog are not uncommon. The complexity and diversity of weather means that mountaineering in the Julian Alps TNP is exceptionally beautiful but also dangerous.

Every tour is a special experience, but only if the mountaineer managed to avoid the dangers through prudent action and Triglav National Park Camping equipment. In the area of the Park there are no car parks which would also be intended for camper parking, overnight parking or supply. Only camping sites currently serve as regulated areas within the Park that can be used by campers.

However, the Municipality of Bovec has recently adopted a Decree on the traffic regime for campers and the parking regime applicable to camper parking sites. Is bathing in alpine lakes allowed? Bathing and swimming, as well as all other recreational activities, are banned at alpine lakes which fall under the first protective regime Article 15, point 17, of the TNP Act, Official Gazette of RS, no.

Who are park rangers? Park rangers are an essential link of the management organisation. They monitor all natural processes and all activities related to visitors and inhabitants of the park. They are responsible for the enforcement of the TNP Act; they inform and warn visitors and have the right to collect penalties for certain infringements. The work of a park ranger is increasingly centred around cooperation, communication and awareness-raising of the local inhabitants and park visitors.

TNP rangers are actively involved in a variety of professional, educational and research tasks conducted by the park, maintenance of infrastructure putting-up information…

Best campsites in Triglav National Park

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However, the Municipality of Bovec has recently adopted a Decree on the traffic regime for campers and the parking regime applicable to camper parking sites. The entry point is on the shore of Lake Bohinj. Predelica Access is along the existing marked path that forks off the Predel — Bovec road at the bridge over the Mangartski potok brook to the Predelica river bed. Diep in de bossen ziet vrijwel niemand je.