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Ventura National Park

Ventura National Park

Please pack out all trash. Day use outdoor areas of park units currently open to the public remain open. During the show, for the first time in nearly 20 years, McMahon joined Ventura ringside to provide match commentary together.

Close to the California Mainland…Yet Worlds Apart

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The province is to the south of the Santa Barbara embaymentand north of the Catalinia geologic province. Mesozoic in origin, the Anacapia province consists of Late Cretaceous to Miocene Ventura National Park marine sedimentary up to 23, feet thick, including 8, feet of volcanic rocks, overlain by Pleistocene terrace formations.

Aligned with the Santa Monica mountains, the Northern Channel Islands form a mountain system miles long. This island chain appears to be a faulted east-west trending anticline. This schist is intruded by the metamorphosed Alamos Ventura National Parkwhich has been dated Ma. Just to the south of this schist is the Willows Dioritealso of the same age as the tonalite, or Late Jurassic. Santa Rosa Island Volcanics consist mainly of basaltic breccia, which erupted about 19 Ma.

San Miguel Volcanics consist of basalt and andesite flows, which erupted between Ma. The eruptive center is east of Devils Peak, and juxtaposed against the west-northwest trending strike-slip Santa Cruz Island Fault to the south.

Middle Miocene Conejo Volcanics correlate with the bulk of Anacapa’s lava flows, volcanic and volcaniclastic breccias, which consist of vesicular and porphyritic andesite erupting about 16 Ma. About m are exposed, with two Ventura National Park of San Onofre Breccia interbedded at the base. Cores taken from the east end of the island are andesitic in composition. Santa Barbara Island Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt of basalt-basaltic andesite and andesite volcanic flows, which erupted Ma.

The Pleistocene mammoths swam to Santa Rosae. However, the pygmy mammoth underwent dwarfing as the Channel Islands became isolated. Another species which became extinct was the “giant” mouse.

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It will always be a place where you can step back in time and experience coastal southern California the way it once was. Statewide: Some park units and campground sites continue to be temporarily closed due to the pandemic, impacts from wildfires or other issues. Cores taken from the east end of the island are andesitic in composition.