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Everglades National Park Walking Trails

Everglades National Park Walking Trails

Tram Road hike, bike or use tram This flat, paved road is used for tram rides, bicycling, and walking. Everglades Trails on the Map Location of Everglades walking trails on the map The map shows the driving itinerary from Miami to Flamingo and back and I marked the location of the short trails on the map. We have even been to these places with small children and they really loved the day out: the marshes and waters, the birds and the shady hammock.

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This page contains affiliate links. Purchases made through them may earn us a small fee. As with the rest of the park, outside of the dry season December through April huge numbers of mosquitoes will make these trails all but inaccessible. Hiking distances given below are total, roundtrip distances unless otherwise stated.

Difficulties are only a general guideline, for an adult in good condition, and do not take into account trail length. We strongly recommend you also have a good Everglades Trail Map with you. The Hike: The Anhinga Trail may qualify as the one must-do short hike in the park. During the dry season, massive numbers of wading birds, fish, and alligators congregate here, in the relatively deep waters of the area.

Rangers frequently lead walks on this trail, so if the plentiful alligators concern you, consider some company. Mahogany Hammock Trail Length: 0.

The Hike: This hike follows an elevated boardwalk into the hammock, a heavily Everglades National Park Walking Trails area raised slightly above the surrounding marsh. Pa-hay-okee Overlook Trail Length: 0. The Hike: This short trail leads to an overlook of the surrounding river of grass and is considered by many to Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the best vista point in the park.

Pinelands Trail Length: 0. The Hike: This short, paved loop trail winds through pine rockland habitat. This is the best and easiest way to get a look at this ecosystem within the park. National Parked is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide Everglades National Park Walking Trails means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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Anhinga Trail

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As we only planned to stay a couple of hours we were wondering if the place was worth the drive. Pinelands Trail Length: 0. This page contains affiliate links. Last updated: April 7,