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National Park Warning Signs

National Park Warning Signs

Some say it was the beginning of something big. Hsieh left Zappos, the company he helped mold into a billion dollar business without fanfare. Watch Australian Kestrels dive on Bogong Moths at sunset.

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Twitter Go Jocelyn Knight, a Marin-based wildlife photographer, posted signs warning of dangerous levels of bacteria in several water bodies at the Point Reyes National Seashore with help from a Marin County health official. The next day, the county removed the signs. The report traced the source of the disease-causing pollution to defecating cow herds on neighboring dairy ranches. It identified abnormal levels of fecal bacteria at Chicken Ranch Beach on Tomales Bay, which is a popular swimming destination.

Park waters also suffer from excessive levels of nitrogen due to the flow of cow excrement. Nitrogen fuels vegetative growth that chokes drainages Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt kills fish and frogs, harming birds that eat aqua life. A National Park Service report found that there were unacceptable levels of fecal bacteria in waters throughout the Point Reyes National Seashore. Kenkel said that ranchers are required to practice pollution mitigation measures.

But repeated water quality tests are showing that the contamination of lagoons, streams, pools, and beaches by ranching activities continues to present a clear and present danger to the wading and swimming public. Also threatened are endemic wildlife and plants, many of which are clinging to existence in the cattle-damaged environment.

After reading the Pacific Sun article, a Marin-based professional wildlife photographer named National Park Warning Signs Knight had had enough. Alarmed, Kundu leapt into action. Kundu and Knight set out to remedy that decades-long oversight. She recounted that National Park Warning Signs strolling by as she labored thanked her for posting the warning, saying they had had no idea about the bacterial threat.

Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished. What a difference a day makes. Kundu was not available for an interview. In a phone call, Pirie said that the Point Reyes National Seashore beaches are not under the jurisdiction of the County. Kundu was dispatched to the park to remove the signs. The Pacific Sun asked Pirie under what authority Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt division was removing the signs installed by Knight if his agency had no jurisdiction inside the park?

Grappling with a Catch, Pirie said the signs are county property. Notably, Kundu, the county employee, was allowed to travel outside her home office to remove the warning signs, but she was not allowed to travel and post them.

The Park Service has a documented history of tolerating environmental degradations caused by commercially-owned cattle and ranching enterprises. Will that inaction change to action?

Last week, Kenkel told a Zoom meeting designed to introduce him to the public that he is a born and bred rancher and loves pot roast and the smell of farm soil. Kenkel corrected himself, saying that he supports issuing 20 year leases to the ranchers, but the Freudian slip was not unnoticed. Could it be that the Park Service professional really does not want the cow-based economy to ruin the ancient ecology of Point Reyes while exacerbating global heating with massive methane gas releases?

Or will neoliberal, privatizing politics trump responsible ecological practices desired by the masses? The Pacific Sun has several times asked Kenkel if the Park Service will install its own warning signs at the sites of fecal bacterial pollution. We are awaiting a response. Congressman Jared Huffman did not respond to a query concerning his position on warning the public about ranching-derived fecal bacteria pollution at park beaches.

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In a phone call, Pirie said that the Point Reyes National Seashore beaches are not under the jurisdiction of the County. He may have been new to our community, but he had a large and immediate impact. He had taken his earnings and community-first ethos from Zappos, and begun to apply it to improving his hometown.